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The last hour....

Old 12-27-2007, 08:22 PM
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Default The last hour....

This morning was my last that I could hunt for the 2007 season. The wind was just a whisper and 12 inches of fresh powder blanketed the ground, the trees and everything it could settle on. I find there is nothing that rivals a December hunt in fresh snow,not even the peak of the rut.Knowing that I would not be in this position until mid Septemeber next season, I took it all in, the cardinals, the opposum, and the chickadees and the nuthatches. Then eventually the deer....

At 8:15,five full bellied does picked a path that would lead them in my direction. Four passed by out of range but for some unknown reason the last one chose a different route, a route that would take her 20 yards in front of my ice and snow encased popup blind. She slowly browsed, inching ever so close until the time was right to draw. I pulled the Razortec back, hearing the faintest creak that only sounds itself on one of these calm winter days. She was quartering slightly towards me but not severe enough to make me think twice about my 20 yard shot. She heard that faint creak, looked directly into that popup at me, and with that I touched the trigger on my release. The fletching dissapeared picture perfect tight behind her shoulder. She bolted at the shot, leaping high, tail standing tall, not aware that she was leaping on borrowed time. For a second I questioned my shot until she stopped and stared right back into that popup. The legs that carried her to safety all year began to fail and she struggled to regain her composure, but to no avail as she sunk and virtually dissapeared into the 12 inches of fresh powder. I left the blind immediatley, picked up my red soaked arrow and began the track, just to track, just to take it all in, already knowing she lay at the end. The beauty of fresh snow painted in a spray of red is one only a bowhunter can understand. I reached my prize, said a thank you prayer to her and her maker, and quivered my arrow for the last time until September. Until next season...
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Default RE: Th last hour....

Great story, great photo of a great hunt. Congratulations. Rarely do I get to hunt/bowhunt in the snow. That's extra special.

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Default RE: Th last hour....

Congratulations! Way to hang in!
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Default RE: Th last hour....

Cool story, and a happy ending to your season.
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Default RE: Th last hour....

Nothing like a good Blood Trail!! Especially on Snow! That's when I feel remorse, at the end of my season or when I'm out of tags. Congrats!!
There is nothing like Bowhunting!

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Default RE: Th last hour....

Congrats on a great hunt and great Doe! Hunting with snow on the ground is my favorite time to be in the woods! Its just so different, to me there's nothing like it! COLD and SNOW now thats hunting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Default RE: Th last hour....

Now that is hunting !! Congrats and great job !!

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Default RE: Th last hour....

Great story MN!!! Loved the pic...

Taking some brown down from the ground is the most awesome thingaround!

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Default RE: Th last hour....


Thanks for sharing!
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Default RE: Th last hour....

Great story! CONGRATS!
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