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Finally!! Buck down...

Old 12-10-2007, 07:50 AM
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Default Finally!! Buck down...

It's been a seson of almosts for me. I've been hunting hard and passing on shots and deer waiting on better. This buck and I have a bit of a history. I saw him early in the season while he was in full velvet and I couldn't get a shot at him. He's actually number 3 on the hit list at this particular property. Friday evening I spotted him after being in the stand for about 30 seconds. I didn't even have my bow untied yet and he popped out of the woods to get a drink from the pond. I hit the buck roar a few times and he come towards me like he was on a string! He came in from behind me and from my right...not the ideal direction for a right handed shooter!! After about 10 minutes of standing there waiting for him to get in a shooting lane, I gave him 2 short, quiet grunts. He made his way through a strip of sapplings and was about 12 yards away, with his vitals still behind a tree. He finally came out enough and was broadside but unfortunately he winded me. I stood there with him looking at me. I swear I think he saw me shaking and he hopped shot!! [:@]

Saturday morning I was in the tree at about 5:45. Around 6:10 I had 3 does come in under me. They fed around for about 20 minutes until 2 more does came in from behind me. I guess the first 3 does didn't want to hand around with the next two, so they ran off. The second set of does fed around for about 10-15 mintues. They moved on off a little while later. I waited a few minutes and I hit the buck roar 4-5 times. Less than a minute later I heard this guy coming. He grunted several times as he worked his way towards me. I've been hunting for a long time and I've heard a snort wheeze in the woods but never a grunt. That was pretty cool!! He came in fast. He was within 10 yards in no time. Unfortunately he was facing right towards me. After what felt like forever, he finally turned broadside BUT he looked up at me so I couldn't draw. Something got his attention and he turned his head away and that's when I drew. I was about 3/4 of my draw when he turned his head back around. He actually watched me finish drawing! I found the pin fast and put it behind his shoulder and punched the release. THWACK! He wheeled around and made it about 30 yards and piled up!! NICE! I love seeing them go down from the tree. I waited a few mintues and while waiting I had 2 little dink bucks come through. After they left I got down and grabbed my arrow! I didn't even have to blood trail him. Complete pass through, double lung. I was only able to get this one picture before my camera died but one is better than none!! My persistance has finally paid off and he's my best bow buck to date. I'm really happy with him!

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Default RE: Finally!! Buck down...

Nice buck, Congrats.
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Default RE: Finally!! Buck down...

That a boy NC! A big congrats to you!
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Default RE: Finally!! Buck down...

Nice job NC!!!!
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Default RE: Finally!! Buck down...

Great buck... congrats...

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Default RE: Finally!! Buck down...

Way to go! Good story!!
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Default RE: Finally!! Buck down...

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Default RE: Finally!! Buck down...

Way to hang in there NCRem. Congratulations!
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Default RE: Finally!! Buck down...

Way to go bro!! What an awesome story, and awesome buck!! Big congrats man, way to stick it out!!
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Default RE: Finally!! Buck down...

Looks like a tight, dark rack. Love it, congrats!
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