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Hunting a Full Moon

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Default Hunting a Full Moon

I'm headingout tomorrow during the full moon and was wondering how you guys hunt during this time. Do you huntmidday only? Are there any tatics that you use especially for hunting during full moons?Do you think that the deer patterns are changed by the full moon?

Thanks for any information you can lend,

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Default [Deleted]

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Default RE: Hunting a Full Moon

I have hunted the full moon the past 2 days and have seen more deer than usual, mostly bucks. I shot at a big spike thursday morning but missed then went friday night with the video camera for the first time and got some great footage of some bucks chasing and my cousin shot a big 4 pointer. But it was really bright, coulda hunted all night.
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Default RE: Hunting a Full Moon

Myself i realy hate hunting during the full moon, i very saldom see deer out and i hunt till 12'00. i don't know what it is about full moon ,i might as well stay home in a nice warm bed caues i know whats going to happen nothing hope you have better luck than me .
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Default RE: Hunting a Full Moon

Almost as important as the phase of the moon is the time it rises and sets. This link is pretty helpful:

Calculate Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise, Moonset - The Old Farmer's ...

For example on Nov. 25 the moon rises around 5:30 p.m and sets around 8:20 a.m the next morning. I think that enables the deer to feed all night and clear the fields or feeding areas before first light and can make for some uneventful mornings(IME). But the other side of that coin is the moon is directly overhead around 1:00 a.m and then directly underfoot around 1:00 p.m. which could lead to a spike in midday activity around that time on Nov. 26. I hunted today and had a pretty slow morning and I had to leave around noon so I didn't get to test the mid day theory too much. I keep a field journal in the regional forums South:

My Field Journal (VA & NC)

and it's funny you ask because I have been tracking it quite a bit this season.

Now if youfast forward aweek toNov. 30 the moon rises at 11:19 p.m and setsat 12:10 p.m the next day that puts it directly overheadalmost at sunrise (good morning hunt predicted). Now fast forward another weekto the new moon(Dec. 9)the moon will rise at 0715 a.m. and set at 4:25 p.m, that means the moon will be out all day anddark at night (no moon light because of the new moon and the time the moon is setting). My prediction is increased daylight activityand I will hunt from dawn to dusk as much as I can around that time.

**Disclaimer** Just my thoughts and predictions and I will use them a lot next season as far as date and data comparison but I make no promises and the deer still seem to be rutting so I say go whenever you can.

This one shows you the exact phase:
Moon Phases Calendar November 2007

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Default RE: Hunting a Full Moon

I know this goes against the grain, but I would rather hunt a full moon than a new. I see far more deer, but it's always later in the morning. I still get to my stand early, and I don't play the game any differently. I just stay longer. I don't normally start to see movement until around 8:30 or 9....There are exceptions though, so you gotta be on your toes as always.
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Default RE: Hunting a Full Moon

Mid day has been great for me. In the mornings i think the deer are alreadyback to there bedding areas before light. Evenings i've had some luck but mostly all day is good for me during full moon.
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Default RE: Hunting a Full Moon

In my opinion, i think the full moon effects areas different. I saw deer this weekend at 8am-9am, than that was it till 5 pm+... they really started pouring in, but it was way to dark to shoot... On the way i home, i saw deer feeding on the side of the road at 1pm.
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Default RE: Hunting a Full Moon

I agree 100% ABarofSoap, weather fronts, food, rut and loads of other regional type stuff definitely has just as much (if not more) effect on the deer. I personally just like to track it just to see if their is a "secret" formula to be found.
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Default RE: Hunting a Full Moon

I have found when there is a full moon at night the deer will feed more then and be bedded early in the morning,then I have seen more movement later around 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM or late in the evening.
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Quick Reply: Hunting a Full Moon

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