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Default Crud!

Well crap just checked the regs..Friday the parade of small game hunters will start in Ohio. Nothing quite like sitting in a stand quite as a mouse all day and then primetime comes and here comes some yahoo..tromping through!

Heck last year I was sprayed by pellets as some nimrod missed a cat that ran under my stand. He thought, God himself, was berating him.. since he couldn't see me...He stammerred, I thought it was a rabbit.."Yeah are rabbits black and white where your from?", the voice from aboved questioned. lol he beat feet it out of there..
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Default RE: Crud!

Thats funny, i bet he had to change his pants after that hunt
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Default RE: Crud!

I've honestly never seen another hunter in the woods. I know I'm lucky to hunt where I do. I never even know when any other season comes in......until I hear the shots, the morning they open. I'm insulated pretty darned well.
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Default RE: Crud!

Before I bought my property, I was always hunting public land. I found, though, that timing and a little walking can usually put you out of "range" of the other hunters.
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Default RE: Crud!

Hey stay out there the other hunters may scare a few deer to you.
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Default RE: Crud!

I sat in my stand from 6am to 1pm Saturday, 7hrs waiting and watching, most of itin pouring rain. About 5 minutes after 1pm I heard dogs. Three deer dogs chased two does, a big one and a small one, within ten yards of my stand. Friday afternoon I had the shotgun and couldn't swing around for a shot on four does. Saturday morning I took the bow....two does flying by in a hurry and I'm standing on the platform of the stand, bow in hand, watching the go by and keep going. Nothing else the rest of the weekend, the dogs wouldn't leave the area at all.
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Default RE: Crud!

The guns are blazing here next weekend.
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Default RE: Crud!

Yeah, get ready for the Saturday AM war zone!
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Default RE: Crud!

i had one guy come up to me at prime time as me to help him drag a deer out of the woods so i said OK figuring it is a big deer or something heavy we get there and it is a small 8 point without a lot of meat just a nice rack

and he said well i think i can get it after we get there i am like did you not know that before you walked across my hunting area

then he gets it to about 70 yards right in front of my blind and guts in right there in the open where i wont my deer to walk

And after his two Buddy's get to my blind where he is standing they stand there and talk about how nice of a buck it is for a 1/2 an hour well the other guy goes gets the truck and drives it right up 20 yards from my blind down a no access road .

I wonted to shoot them then they had the nerve to say i should not be hunting with a semi auto ar15

Then they came back that afternoon shot a doe down from me and decided to do some target shooting about 75 yards down from me .

A month later i had my bow because i know these four redneck Kentucky hillbilly's that where in bluejeans and red teeshirt no camo did not have the wont to ever bow hunt

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Default RE: Crud!

yeah on wma's all the time. yesterday this guy got his truck locked in becuz he wasnt supposed to be in there with it during gun season. and last year i almost got shot by a guy with a shotgun chasing a doe across the main road and then once he saw us he had the nerve to tell us to stop and then got even more cocky and shot again by us. and this year some person thought it would be funny to shoot a high powered air-rifle right next to me. man and ive only been hunting for a year now. and thats not all my stories
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