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HCA Iron Mace

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Default HCA Iron Mace

Looking to get another bow... something with more speed. I currently have a Mathews Switchback which is great bow but want to have something a little faster. The PSE X-force is a consideration but I like what I've read about the Iron Mace. Having a chance to shoot it first is little difficult because the only dealer in my area has to order it first. Anyinput or experience with High Country Archery would be helpful...Thanks
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Default RE: HCA Iron Mace

I've been shooting my HCA 4-Runner for years. I can't tell ya about HCA's customer service because I've never had to use them for anything.

I consider that a good thing.

I love my bow though. The next one I get will probably be another HCA.

I know that they just recently got bought out and put under new management, which is good since I think they were about to go under. The new Iron Mace is supposed to be a pretty sweet bow.

I'd get one over a Mathews or Bowtech just so I wouldn't have a bow like everyone else in the world.

My 4-Runner is fast, light, and short. It's a good bow, so I figure the Mace is even better.
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Default RE: HCA Iron Mace

I know quicksilver shoots one and he likes it a lot.....He might see this and respond.............
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Default RE: HCA Iron Mace

FroMan thanks for the reply... You hit the nail on the head! I do not want a bow that everyone else has. That's how I ended up with my Mathews and I want more speed.
The dealer I spoke with today said the same thing, he never has anyone return them for any problems.
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Default RE: HCA Iron Mace

ORIGINAL: edooley

FroMan thanks for the reply... You hit the nail on the head! I do not want a bow that everyone else has. That's how I ended up with my Mathews and I want more speed.
You wanted to be different so you got a Mathews????

Anyway... I've had my Iron Mace since April. I love it. It is fast, and it is pretty easy to shoot. If you have a place to shoot geese or teal in Northern VA... I'll load up the waterfowl stuff and the hound, and bring the bow so you can shoot it... I spend half my time in Norfolk and half in Richmond. Sounds like a fun trade huh?

The bow is really sort of over built. If you have ever shot a Bowtech, it has the same sort of feel to the draw. It is different from your Mathews for sure, and it is much faster. Compared to my Mathews LX and even my Ultra Tec, the IM has MUCH MUCH less handshock... mine honestly has little or none. I did have to do a little work on making it as quiet as I would like it to be. I removed the Bow Jax from the limbs and replaced them with Limbsavers. I think it helped. I also had MeanV make a CSS for me, and put some TRU Ball Speed Spiders on the string. The spiders made a massive difference, and didn't really cost me any speed by the time I was done messing with the placement of them.

My bow, currently, is set up at 63#s, 29.5" draw. My hunting arrow weighs 454gr and clocks at 282fps. Plenty (heck more than) fast enough for hunting. I don't want too much speed, as its a little tougher to control broadheads at high speeds (my opinion and experience). Plus I prefer a heavier arrow for hunting. My 3D arrows weigh right at 327gr, and I am getting right at 320fps with them. Really Really fast.

In hindsight, I have been nothing but pleased with the bow. Mine is a 60-70#, and in hindsight I would have gotten a 50-60#, because who needs 70# anyway? Espeicially for these bitty little tidewater deer. And with the speeds I have been getting, I'm more than happy. I like the fact that the bow is very well made, the speed is just a nice plus. I shoot my LX with 2213s at 240fps just as well as the IM... only I need two pins to shoot at 35 instead of just one.

Check your PMs too Dooley.
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