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Non Typical deer cam

Old 01-03-2003, 11:44 AM
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Default Non Typical deer cam

i want to buy the non typical deer cam but before i do i was wondering if anyone has any info about it or and pictures they would like to show me. or any other suggestions, i don't want to build my own.
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Default RE: Non Typical deer cam

i am in the market to buy a trail cam also and am finding it hard to get any feedback. When i posted a related topic i was turned on to it has reviews of a bunch of systems but i like you was wanting some personal experiences to help make my decision. hope this helps.

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Default RE: Non Typical deer cam

I received the Moutrie Game Cam last year as a Fathers Day gift. I was able to fun a few rolls of film threw it before it was stolen off the tree. I am looking very hard at the Non-Typical as a replacement even though it cost about $150 more than the Moutrie. The things I didn't like about the Moutrie was the time settings, it only gave you two which are 6 seconds and I beleive 9 minutes, could be wrong on the 9 minutes but there was a big difference between settings. The other thing I didn,t like about it was having to use one of those big heavy 6 volt batterys.
Here are a couple images from the Moutrie:

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Default RE: Non Typical deer cam

I have used both Game Country and TrailMAC cams. The Game Country Hawkeye Jr was extremely poor, always taking pictures of trees and grass. I switched to the TrailMAC (digital) and have had good success with it so far. The batteries last for several months and very few pictures with nothing in them.
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Default RE: Non Typical deer cam

My buddy has a non-typ camera and I works great. If you check out my webpage, you can see a lot of the pictures taken off of my property.

It has a pir sensor which needs a change of temperature in motion to set it off. I believe it has 4 setting for the timers in basic mode and up to 7 or 8 in advanced. When in basic mode the camera is almost fool proof. As long as you open the camera and have the batteries pluged in it will work. If you leave it in test mode it will switch to auto after 4 minutes. One of the only downfalls is in the battery life. The 9 volts don't last the longest. They are good for a couple of rolls of film in the harsh conditions. I believe this can be fixed with NiMh rechargeable batteries. They double the life of regular batteries in digital cameras, so I believe they would make a great difference in this unit. Personally if I was buying one, I would get one of these. Best bang for the buck. Now if money grew on trees, I would probably get a digital Cam Tracker.

Here are a few picts.

My Web Page

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Old 01-05-2003, 09:54 PM
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Default RE: Non Typical deer cam

I have 2 Moultrie Game Cam II's. I can't complain for a cam that cost $98.42 at Wal-Mart. The timer setting is 15 seconds or 6 minutes. I do wish there was an in between, but the 15 seconds has worked fine for me. Here is a buck from October. Check out the wound in his neck that was not there the week before.

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Default RE: Non Typical deer cam

I just got one for christmas and have had it out for about a week now.
dont know how the pictures will be but the setup is very simple and
I believe the 9v battery should give it alot more up time than
others on the market. Im using two lithium ultralife 9v batteries
witch should last double the life of a standard 9v
alkaline. I checked it yesterday and I have 10 pictures taken.
cant wait to see them. I'll post the pics when I get them.
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Default RE: Non Typical deer cam

Well I would not recomend the Moutrie Game Cam right now. I got one back in Sept. and placed it in the field a week before Oct 1 due to heavy rain.
One week later I was able to go out and hunt and check the camera. I reloaded and then it was 2 weeks till I was able to check it again. I take both rolls of film in and NOTHING! Just pictures of the field. No deer or anything else. I called the Co and they told me to send it back to them. One week later I get the camera and film. Again the same thing. I send all of it to the Co. About 3-4 weeks later its back. I take it out and set it up and it is a repeat of above. NOTHING. Well thats 6 roles of film and processing. I call the Co again and have to send it back AGAIN! I am just a little ticked off. It is still there.
Would I buy another one from them? NO

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Default RE: Non Typical deer cam

Who, does your Moultrie cam have the adhesive weather seal on the inside of the door and over the flash? The first one I bought in Sept. did not have it, but the one I got for Christmas does. I am going to call them and have them send me a kit out for the first one.
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Default RE: Non Typical deer cam

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