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Myles Keller

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Default Myles Keller

If anyone is interested in hearing more from Myles Keller, or thinks that our Bowhunting community could benefit more by hearing from this and other true bowhuntingliving Legends, please write to me and why you think we could use him and/or others back in the game, and in the lime light more.

As for me, I would love for our great tradition (hunting) be more about experiences learned, tactics and hands on get it done bowhunting, than this like reality TV/video non sense going on in hunting today.
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Default RE: Myles Keller

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Default RE: Myles Keller

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Default RE: Myles Keller

Now there's a comment I find funny. Sad, but funny.

Motown, Myles is one of THE legends in our sport for getting it done -- and without seeking the limelight. Truly a whitetail master from a bowhunting perspective.

Of course, Myles NOT seeking the limelight as much has probably been what has allowed him to get the job done as much as he has.
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Default RE: Myles Keller

This same thing was posted on AT over the weekend. If Myles wants to get some endorsement deals/tv shows, he needs to do the leg work.
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Default RE: Myles Keller

Sure I would listen to what he had to say. Just like I do everybody else.
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Default RE: Myles Keller

buttonbuck... I don't think Myles needs any more endorsements. Anyone who's anyone from a manufacturer's standpoint knows who he is in the bowhunting industry (that's not a barb at motown; I'm talking manufacturers who've been around the industry for several years -- people who can give out sponsorships).

I doubt anyone could entice the man to do anything he doesn't want to do or feel like doing at this point in his legendary career; I hope the poster was simply optimistic that he could take enough "ammunition" to Myles to show that there was sufficient interest in getting him to "come out" and share a bit of his knowledge. But again, I doubt anyone's going to get him to do anything he doesn't want to do at this point in the game.
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Default RE: Myles Keller

Personally I find it sad that a few posters may have no idea who Keller is. Some members most likely have never heard of several others who helped pave the way to help make bowhunting more publicly acceptable. Many of the new breed of tv "showmen" could learn a lot about shot placement, scouting, fair chase hunting, and downright true humility from Keller and others.

I've learned and enjoyed much more by reading past articles and watching some of the past videos of some of these people than I ever could by watching most of these new entertainment advertisement tv shows.
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Default RE: Myles Keller

It might be that Myles doesn't want to be in the lime light. Some of us choose that path.[8D] Miles has and will kill lots more big buck. He was doing it before they started raising them with food plots and box blinds. If Miles wants back he can come back as you say... but he really never left. He's a hunter... not a show personnality or a commedian like so many today. AND,... his wife is probably not a cutsey little bimbo.
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Default RE: Myles Keller

I had the pleasure of meeting him years ago when he was in Pittsburgh to speak at a deer expo at Robert Morris College. He spoke and I listened for about 15 minutes he knows how to hunt mature deer. He also had his deer mount collection with him before some scum bag stole them. I'm telling you there were some impressive mounts in his collection. I never heard but I hope he got them back.
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