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My 2006 buck

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Default RE: My 2006 buck

That's a friggin beats, dude!!! I am 15 also, so I am cramming this week. Actually, I should be studying now. I have Spanish II Honors and World Literature Honors tommorrow.[:@][:@][:@][:'(]
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Got out early from school so here is the story

On oct 17th i got out from school and raced off the bus to go hunting. I was in such a hurry and had to get out in the bush (in my backyard) because i was late. I decided to hunt a swampy area that border a barley field. I took a 5 gallon bucket and set it within a clump of willows. A deer trail came directly behind me at about 7 yards. I sat motionless for about and hour when i heard the familar sound of deer hooves crunching behind me. I slowy turned my head to see a forkhorn directly behind me. There was also another deer but i couldn't tell if he was a buck or a doe. The forkhorn caught my movement but couldn't figure out what i was. He slowly walked back in the bush taking the unknown deer with him. This forkhorn came out on that same trail 6 times always looking at me. On the 6th time he walked out behind a willow and i started to draw my bow. He sensed something wasn't right and bolted back into the bush. Dissapointed that i didin't get the shot i put my bow back down on my lap. Not 30 seconds later i heard deer hooves again)but this time on a trail 20 yards to my right). From out of nowwhere this massive body deer appeared and was coming at me. To be honest with you i just though he was a 8 point cause i could only see the left side of his rack. (I would have shot any deer that gave me a chance because at the time i haven't harvested a deer yet) As he went behind the lsat willow i drew my bow. He stepped out at 21 yards. He was walking slow. I anticipated were he was going to end up and achored my pin there. As my pin hit his shoulder i let it fly. Then i heard the cracking sound. I broke both ribs. He dashed into the field. I could tell he was hit hard because when he tried to jump the fence his front legs hit the fence. He stopped in the field and looked back. Then he tried to run and did a front flip and layed motionless 40 yards from me.
I couldn't beleive it i walked up to him and it was like revesre ground shrinkage. I sprinted back to where my dad was hunting and he was wondering why i was coming to get him so early. AS we approached the buck he became just as excited as i was. It was a great moment together. We think he dressed over 225 lbs. Just a brute ofa deer. I feel very blessed to take this animal not jsut becasue it was big, alos becasue it was my first deer EVER.
Again guys thanks for the welcomes and congrats. I appreciate it

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Awesome dude! Congrats that's a monster.
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Default RE: My 2006 buck

Welcome aboard. Nice first post. Awesome buck.
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Default RE: My 2006 buck

Wow what a great buck!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for sharing and awesome story to boot, your very fortunate!
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Default RE: My 2006 buck

nice buck
were u get him at
good to have you here
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Default RE: My 2006 buck

Great deer. Congrats!!
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Default RE: My 2006 buck

Are you telling me that buck is your 1st deer, and it was taken with a bow, from the ground ? [][][]

Good job young man, I only hope I get to see a buck like that in the wild some day.
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