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Old 11-09-2006, 12:57 PM   #1
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Default Stickies/burrs in your clothes

Fellas - is there an easy way to get stickies/hitch-hikers/burrs out of your hunting clothing?

There are a few areas that I hunt that I'd swear are covered in these miserable things, and everytime I emerge from the woods, I've got six million of them matted up in my coat/pants. There are several different kinds, too - some of them are triangular, someare round, some oblong,some are small, some are really big, and some seem to have more gription than others. Despite their ownlittle differences and characteristics, I hate them all equally.

I sit in my stand like a monkey picking nits, pulling those miserable things out, one-by-one. It sucks.

At home, I just use an el-cheapo hair comb and it seems to get them out easier than picking them one-by-one, but there's gotta be a better way. Any tips?

I think a rubber jumpsuit would perform nicely, or maybe a suit of armor.
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Default RE: Stickies/burrs in your clothes

I use a butter knife to scrape them off. They are miserable, I hear ya there. I HATE those things.....

Fleece is obviously the worst. Sticks like glue they do. Wolfskin fabric, they simply brush off with my hands.
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Default RE: Stickies/burrs in your clothes

I watch my father spend endless hours picking this stuff out with a stiff hair brush, come to think of it a soft wire brush might work? Then he would wash those clothes and it would scatter those little boogers on everything else (a burr in the undies or socks ... IRRITATING) But the BEST method is to get new outer camo! Invest in Saddle cloth or something that is quite and burr resistance. Sounds like you'd see more deer because they would stop seeing you! lol! good luck!
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Default RE: Stickies/burrs in your clothes

I have ran into the same problem. But they only stick to my pants and not my fleece jacket which I find odd. I have not found an easy way to do this but I am going to try the comb trick.

They sure are annoying! and make it hard to walk queitly through the woods
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Old 11-09-2006, 08:28 PM   #5
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Default RE: Stickies/burrs in your clothes

I've found no good way to remove them. The best thing is to avoid them. I've changed my routes to my stands just to avoid the burrs!
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Default RE: Stickies/burrs in your clothes

If I get the triangular shaped ones, I just leave them on. The only ones I take off are the big burrs that look like they have the velcro pokey things on them. We threw a handful of those down in a buddys shoe last weekend and he wasnt too happy.
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Default RE: Stickies/burrs in your clothes

they come off of Wolfskin pretty easy
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Default RE: Stickies/burrs in your clothes

quiksilver...heard tell of a burr/stickie free fabric in camo...would a lint roller work..or duct tape wound around your hand and blotted on them things..they are a pain in the leg,ass,arm, neck...wherever they attach to clothing
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Default RE: Stickies/burrs in your clothes

There is a new product out called Burzoff, it is the greatest product for taking off burs. I got one at Gander Mountain and it works great.
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Default RE: Stickies/burrs in your clothes

The cheaper alternative to Wolfskin is Buck Suede.

Works just as well for a lot less money.
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