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Please school a newbee on Archery

Old 07-20-2006, 06:02 AM
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Default Please school a newbee on Archery

I am finally going to break down and hit the woods with a bow this year. I pulled a quota permit for archery to a decent management area down here. I have used my dad's ancient Bear compound rig many years ago. I want to get a bow rig of my own and am looking for advice from advid archery guys. What would be a decent startup rig for me. I do not want low end, but I dont want to spend $1000.00 either. I have been looking at the BassPro and Cabelas sites. I see lotsa choices and they even offer the package deals...but I have no clue where to start. Please school me in what the must haves are, and a decent bow from a quality manufacturer. I am considering going to a local shop...but dont want to dole out the mega bucks. BassPro is local and has an archery dept. that can help me out with fitting me with the proper rig. I am in the Orlando area if any local guys can recommend a reputable shop. Thanks in advanced....
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Old 07-20-2006, 06:47 AM
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Default RE: Please school a newbee on Archery

See if there's a pro shop near you,preferably with a range. they usually give great customer service. I have a middle of the road PSE but it came with a couple of lessons as well.
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Old 07-20-2006, 07:06 AM
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Default RE: Please school a newbee on Archery

Hey chriss glad to hear you are getting back into it. I would go to a nice local pro shop. Not that the bigger stores are bad, I just think you might get a little more one on one with the smaller shop. Something you will need being a newbee. You should be able to get a package deal on a decent bow for $400 to $600. I know there are a few shops around here that have a Bowtech w/ sights and sound dampeners for around $550. I also beleive with the smaller shops they are more willing to give you a break on arrows and a release if you purchase a bow from them. You may also be able to get a used bow from them also. I am sure there are guys down there that get a new bow every year just like up here. Happy hunting
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Default RE: Please school a newbee on Archery

I would recommend getting one of the new Hoyts. They are great bows. If you get don't get the Trykon you won't be looking at a whole lot of money. You can find them at a local dealer. If you want to go the basspro route I would suggest the Diamond Liberty package that they have. Diamonds are made by Bowtech and supposed to be great bows. I'm a hoyt man though so I would go with one of them.
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Old 07-20-2006, 10:19 AM
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Default RE: Please school a newbee on Archery

for a new guy, unless you have friends that are into that will help you, go to a pro shop... Go to multiple pro shops... Ask TONS of questions... Try out any and every bow that even looks half way appealing to you. Which ever shop will answer your questions kindly and in the easiest to understand manner, let them earn your money. There's no reason a shop can't put together anice middle of the line rig for you in that price range.

Other than that, the only advice I can give is don't take advertisements as the gospel truth. Wait for other people to be the guinea pigs for you. People like us on HNI.
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Default RE: Please school a newbee on Archery

Go to a pro shop and talk to them. They can tell you what the best bows are for their prices. They are very good at showing you around and seeing which bow would be good for you.
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Old 07-20-2006, 11:39 AM
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Default RE: Please school a newbee on Archery

Hey Chris,
Someone mentioned a bow shop. I only live about 30 miles from Orlando. Bass Pro in Orlando will fit you up and set your bow up right there.
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Default RE: Please school a newbee on Archery

As evewryone else has said, go to a proshop, get fitted up properly (draw length and a poundage you can manage properly) and shoot as many bows as you can get your hands on. What feels good to one person may not feel right to another. I like the Hoyts and BowTechs but you may not. There are a lot of good packages out there for a solid entry level set up like the BowTech TomKat for $550 or some of the PSE line for around $350. The most important thing is going to be getting a bow that fits YOU, not me or anyone else here. The only way to do that is to get out and get your hands on them. Happy hunting!
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Default RE: Please school a newbee on Archery

Just to emphasize what Davoh said - visit many proshops.Opinions are cheap and there aren't many guys who'll be honest enough to say, "I don't know anything about that." I've encountered a lot of"experts"who have strong opinions about equipment they've never used, bows they've never shot and ideas they've never put to the test. And some of the worst advice you'll ever get will come from guys who work in pro shops.

I'd also suggest putting in some serious time on the Internet - there's a lot of information out there, but you need to make comparisons to sort out the solid stuff.
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Default RE: Please school a newbee on Archery

Yer gonna just have to hit the pavement and shoot everyone you can get your hands on. The one you want will be obvious when you shoot it. First thing's first. Set your price limit and STICK WITH IT. Just starting out, you prolly won't want something blazing fast. They just aren't very forgiving. Look for something w/ a longer ATA, in the 34-36" range, and a brace height in the 7 1/4" and up range. 7 1/2 would be better, but that's just me. You gotta also decide if you'll be using a release aid or fingers. For fingers, get a longer ATA bow, 36" and up. A good place to start is Reflex. Very, very nice bows for not a lot of money. I think the Super Slam, which is their high end bow (other than the Chuck Adam's Caribou) sells for around $500 bare bow. They make several others, but that's the high end. Have fun picking one out, and you best HURRY! Bow season is right around the corner. Let us know what you decide on and don't forget the pics!
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