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button bucks

Old 02-08-2006, 03:34 PM
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Default button bucks

whatis the diffence in a button buckand a doe i have shot 2 button bucks one was alone and i wasn't quite sure but it turned out to be the other was leading a doe fawn so it looked big i studyed it fora while once i was sure it was a doe i shotwhen we recovered it by friend beat me to the deer an said it was a button i was so disappointed[:'(]. how do you tell
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Old 02-08-2006, 04:08 PM
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Default RE: button bucks

It can be tuff sometimes. If I am in doubt I will let it walk. I try to look at the length of its nose. If its short I will pass on it. It definitely can be tuff sometimes though.
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Old 02-08-2006, 04:19 PM
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Default RE: button bucks

another thing to look at besides the short stubby nose is the "square" body--meaning between the front shoulder and hind shoulder is more of a square adult doe will have a more elongated body (so it will look like a rectangle.

I've been told that abutton buck's head is more flat than a doe's...but that could be really tough to judge.

There is also more white on the face of a doe, and my dad has told me that a button buck will have more black hair on the top of its head...I've never noticed that though...I usually judge it by the stubby nose and don't think twice about it.

It really helps if you have a trail camera so you can "practice" picking out a button buck and a doe, too.
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Default RE: button bucks

If you look at the part of the head where the antlers grow you can see what
looks like two hairy bumps.With practice you should be able to see that at
average bow range.If you don't want to shoot button bucks,than don't
shoot unless your sure.
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Default RE: button bucks

I know the difference is one is a male deer and the other is a female!
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Default RE: button bucks

ORIGINAL: buckhunter14

I know the difference is one is a male deer and the other is a female!

It can be tough if they are by themselves. Like others said, the nose is my first iindication. I've shot 1 button and now if any doubt I pass.
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Default RE: button bucks

i agree with west hunter21 , i've gotten pretty good at it since where i hunt and the cover the deer come relitively close , anywhere from 10-25 yards.. it took me time and i'm still fooled sometimes..
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Default RE: button bucks

I look for the length of nose and body size. A doe that is 1.5 years old (or more) will have an elongated snout that is pretty pronounced and a significantly bigger body. Sometimes you can see the tiny nubs or pedicles from which the antlers emerge on a button buck but they have to be pretty close for this. If this doesn't ring any bells, try viewing some deer with a spotlight (if legal) or in some othertime/place where it won't hurt your hunting. The differences are more obvious when the deer are side by side.
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Default RE: button bucks

Best way I have developed to be ABSOLUTELY sure if it is a button or a doe......even if they are alone is

I shoot it........and roll it over.

Pretty simple.
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Default RE: button bucks

Any duobt Dont you shoot.You were given good advice
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Quick Reply: button bucks

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