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must read anti deer hunting article! wow! unreal!

Old 10-04-2002, 07:11 PM
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Default must read anti deer hunting article! wow! unreal!

check out this link to a ny based humane society, tree hugging granola eaters! read these totally uninformed B.S. that this moron has to offer these idiots,,, its sickening!!

President Message:
DEC Makes Big Money from Deer Hunting

Now that deer hunting season is at a close, I feel compelled to correct some misinformation that I hear every year, such as, "If we didn't hunt, we'd be overrun with deer." These claims, although heavily promoted, are false. Hunting actually creates a surplus of deer due to the deliberate manipulation of deer populations by the Dept. of Environmental Conservation (DEC).

How is this done? By regulating hunting so that most of the deer killed are bucks. Let's say that we have an unhunted herd of deer consisting of 200 deer -- 100 does and 100 bucks, the ratio that would most naturally occur in nature Contrast that with a hunted herd using a "buck-only hunting policy" that also has 200 deer -- 180 does and 20 bucks. Given the same food conditions, the first herd will produce 100 fawns resulting in a total of 300 deer, and the second herd will produce 180 fawns, resulting in 380 deer, thus each year increasing the size of the herd that is hunted.

Ideally, for the hunters, if the desired number of bucks and does are taken each year, the herd will be composed of the lowest number of males and highest number of breeding females. Reducing the number of bucks in the fall provides more food for the pregnant does, allowing them to survive and give birth to more fawns than they would normally. As a result, a maximum fawn crop will be produced each year, resulting in an increased sale of hunting licenses.

In other words, hunting produces a temporary -- and drastic -- decrease of deer for only a few months, resulting in the explosion in the deer population with the birth of fawns in the spring.

Additionally, due to hunting, the average age of male deer in the southern zone of New York is a mere 1 1?2 years, compared to the full life expectancy of almost 11 years. While non-human predators kill only the weakest, human hunters ruin the deer gene pool by killing the strongest and healthiest of the population, thus making the herd more prone to diseases and starvation.

When bows and arrows are used, almost half the deer hit are not killed. They "escape" to die of crippling wounds and painful infections over a number of weeks.

When hunting season opens and guns fire, deer panic and run, paying no attention to where they are going, and as a result, deer/car collisions soar. I have heard hunters argue that the deer are running because they are in rut. That may be partially true; however, a few years ago in Delmar, NY, during hunting season a deer crashed through the window of a house, severely injuring a woman inside. Around that same time, several deer jumped off a bridge in the Albany area. It seems that both of these situations resulted from panic -- not a desire to mate.

Hunting pressure has resulted in a constant desire for the eradication of natural predators. A few years ago, the hunters lobbied heavily for year-round killing of coyotes because the coyotes were "taking too many deer." Of course, this could not be proven and the six-month coyote hunting period remained. Now, the reintroduction of the wolf in the Adirondacks is a new threat to hunting interests.

It's too bad that these natural predators can't purchase a hunting license. After all, I believe that's really what it's all about for the DEC and businesses who cater to hunters.......the almighty dollar.

Susan C. McDonough

the link is

if you wish to email her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Default RE: must read anti deer hunting article! wow! unreal!

It really makes you wonder.
Some people should be hit on the head at birth.
I would like to know where she got her information from I can take a guess but would be banned from here if I said it.
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Old 10-04-2002, 08:23 PM
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Default RE: must read anti deer hunting article! wow! unreal!

Is she serious? Some of the things antis say make you laugh.What gets me is the ones who say one thing and then turn around and do that. I have someone in my math class who is a "vegitarian" yet he eats meat, but he doesnt like it. HA! I kinda laughed and said,"So, you eat meat but you dont like yet you can critisize me over harvesting my own game and knowing exactly where it came from and taking pride in it instead of you goin to a store buying some unknown cow that another person had to kill cause your to much of a weeny to do it yourself?" He shut up. It was great. I wish someone would kick these people with an ounce of sense.
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Old 10-04-2002, 08:38 PM
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Default RE: must read anti deer hunting article! wow! unreal!

Stick her on a survivor show and see if she remains an anti-hunter.
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Default [Deleted]

[Deleted by Admins]
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Default RE: must read anti deer hunting article! wow! unreal!

it is amazing what people will say for a little attention.

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Default RE: must read anti deer hunting article! wow! unreal!

Gotta love the math.

Many of the older does in our area give birth to twins. Guess that kinda screws up her theory a little.

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Default RE: must read anti deer hunting article! wow! unreal!

They say a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, and right now I'd say she's real dangerous.

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Default RE: must read anti deer hunting article! wow! unreal!


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Default RE: must read anti deer hunting article! wow! unreal!

I just have to laugh at these uneducated liberal minds - they all try to act educated with their &quot;fuzzy math&quot; scare tactics. The sad thing is we have a large % of these uneducated liberal idiots reading this junk and believing it. Even though I laugh at how these people sound it still raises my blood pressure through the roof! Thanks for the article for we all need to keep up on these scare tactics and watch their every move before some stupid bill is passed. I say BRING IT ON SUSAN....TRY TO TAKE US ON!!!!!!! I gaurantee that you will LOSE! <img src=icon_smile_cool.gif border=0 align=middle>
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Quick Reply: must read anti deer hunting article! wow! unreal!

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