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Default expandables

I don't want a debate or argument, I just want to know the negatives of expandables. i think their are some people out there who dont' like them, just wondering why that is.
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Default RE: expandables

I don't like them because I've seen them mess up many a time, and it's just another thing to worry about when it comes to bowhunting. I see, the less variables you take out of it, the better chances of success you have, including clean kills.

You don't have to worry about "whether your blades open" when you shoot fixed broadheads.
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Default RE: expandables

The biggest problem with mechanicals is the fact that anything thats mechanical has the potential to fail.

The biggest problem I personally see is people shooting them without adequate KE or Momentum.
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Default RE: expandables

My concern (aside from failure to open) is deflection when hitting bone. Any broadhead will do it's job on a perfect hit. But let's face it, not every shot is going to hit that perfect spot.
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Default RE: expandables

I hear alot of people bringing up mechanicals not opening. I just wonder how often it occurs or if it happens at all. In my opinion, I can't see how they wouldn't as long as all the blades come in contact with the target.

Not saying the Drury's are some kind of whitetail gods, but I was surprised to read in their book that they wouldn't use any head with a cutting diameter smaller than 1.5 in. They prefer the mechanicals. You have to admit, they must have alot of faith in them considering they hunt for a living, and shoot huge whitetails.
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Default RE: expandables

I prefer to shoot expandables because of the increased potential for accuracy under a variety of conditions and the increased cutting diameter on some models.

Having said that though, they are not for everyone because....

a) They require a certain amount of KE in order for them to function correctly...

b) Your bow still has to be tuned to get them to hit the target correctly and, again, function correctly...

c) Deflection on some models with longer blades during angled shots.
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Default RE: expandables

I have tried several brands and the Spitfires seem the best for me. One thing I have noticed with all of them is they are not ready straight out of the pack. I take them apart and adjust the tabs and blades and also oil them so they open just right. Same with after use. I don't know how they would react on heavy bone but then again I don't aim for heavy bone. I did have one slice a rib in two clean as a whistle.
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Default RE: expandables

I have used rockets for many years with excellent results.I have never had a head not open and I have never had an arrow kick on a quartering away shot.You do have to pay attention to your set up to make sure you have sufficient kinetic energy.
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Default RE: expandables

I don't use them, but I have. I like them though. You just have to get a quality one, like a rocket, or TekanII. There are some other good ones, and there are some bad ones.
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Default RE: expandables

more parts to go wrong..jackknife action..blades rotate backward on a pivot upon impact..that action takes energy away from penetration, overly flimsy blades and ferrules, questionable blade locking mechanisms..need I say more? Get a one-piecebroadhead and youll never ask your question again! You have to shoot 75-85 pound bow to overcomeexpandable pitfalls orcome close to a one-piece.....and it would have to be a heavy ass bow at that! always its up to you ask me~good penetration to ya
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Quick Reply: expandables

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