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Muzzy 3 Blade 100

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Default Muzzy 3 Blade 100

Muzzy 3 Blade 100 grain Screw In Broadhead:

Construction: Hollow-Ground, hardened steel TriCar Tip, Stainless Steel Blades, Aluminum ferrule.

Weight: 100 grains
Blades: .020 Stainless Steel
Cutting Diameter: 1-3/16"
Heads Per Package: 6
Cost: 28.99 (BassPro Shops)
Head Type: Screw In

Muzzy has several unique & original ideas that have been used over the years. They are the first company to use a TriCar style tip, they have a patented black locking system, and come with a set of practice blades that really help reduce penetration for ease of removal from the target. The original 4 blade Muzzy's are some of the best and most durable heads I have ever shot. The 3 blade heads carry on the tradition with a inovative blade locking system for a 3 blade head.

Rating system: 1 = poor, 10 = best.

Durablilty: 9 - This may be lower than most people would give a muzzy. The reason for this is the last few bunches of heads I have shot have had problem bending after they hit the ground or shot into a really tough material. I used to never have this problem so I believe they may have changed the aluminum they use. Lets just hope this dosn't continue. The blade locking system is the best I have seen, it is almost impossible to break a blade. You can bend them but they don't break!

Quality: 7 - I would love to give a higher rating but because of the bending problem with the ferrule I can't give them a higher score. Sorry I know I am being tough on Muzzy!

Flight: 10 - I have never had problems with getting a muzzy to fly good. Please Note: It is very important to have your equipment tuned. If you do not you will have problems getting any head to fly good. I would also say that a good speed for me has been between 260-275 with good groups.

Price: 9 - They fall right in there with Thunderheads and other good fixed blade heads. Six broadheads for less than $30.00 is a fair price.

Total Score: 8.75

Final Comment:
When it comes to Muzzy boradheads I always expect good things. I have used them for over 10 years and have never had any problems until I got the last few batches of them. I am concerned about the week ferrules and really hope they get this corrected. I never had this problem in the past unless I really hit something hard & at a very strong angle.

I really like the practice blade system they have and wish other companies would come up with a good system like this. NAP did a great job with the practice blades for the Spitfires. I woudl love to see more companies follow in this path. Practice with broadheads is a very important part of a good hunt.

Please Note: My test results for any broadhead is based on the quality, inovation, and basic durability of that broadhead. My reviews do not include any penetration tests. I am not concerned with that, if you want more information on those types of test please search for 5 Shots broadhead penetration test.

ok I changed my mind on the durability, I think I was a little hard on them since you can't hardly break those blades. I still left the quality at a 7 because of the week aluminum ferrule that I have experienced with my last 2 batches.

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Default RE: Muzzy 3 Blade 100

good report Moonge

I like the 3 blade Muzzy's and I have the practice blades as well.

I got mine from Academny Sports for 27 dollars for the 6 pack.
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Default RE: Muzzy 3 Blade 100

Nice report..I've been thinking about using the Muzzy's next time I need to but new broadheads...

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Default RE: Muzzy 3 Blade 100

Been using these for several years now with absolutely no regrets. In fact I wish I had started using Muzzy's when they first came out.
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Default [Deleted]

[Deleted by Admins]
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Default RE: Muzzy 3 Blade 100

I've used Muzzy 100 grain 3-blade for about 6 yrs. and have had no problems. As long as they make broadheads I'll keep buying them.
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Default RE: Muzzy 3 Blade 100

MUZZY suit me just fine and are what I will use for quite some time
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Default RE: Muzzy 3 Blade 100

Thanks for the test, guys like you and 5 shot save the rest of us a ton of money.
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Default RE: Muzzy 3 Blade 100

I just wanted to bring some of these reviews back up in front since people are getting ready for hunting season now.
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Default RE: Muzzy 3 Blade 100

I have used the 130 grain 4 blade since 1989 and only bent 1 pulling it from a tree in south africa after I buried it 1/2 way missing an Impala. I don't know if the head was bent or if I did it removing it.

Thanks for the great report moonge


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Quick Reply: Muzzy 3 Blade 100

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