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Wisker Bisket

Old 03-28-2002, 08:01 AM
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Default Wisker Bisket

I am looking at the Wisker Bisket for a new rest. Has any one used on? DO you like it? Is it easer to use?

Corbin Berent
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Default [Deleted]

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Default RE: Wisker Bisket

There are several threads on this rest in the Bowhunting and Technical forums if you do a search. Most users appear to like the rest. Some drawbacks include fletching wear and in some cases loss of some arrow speed. I've never used the rest but several of my friends do and most seem pleased.

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Default RE: Wisker Bisket

I have a Whisker Biscuit. I did post a mini review on this product a few months back but I'll try to rewrite it here for ya.

I have a 97 PSE Thunderbolt. 25.5" Easton 2213 arrows with three 5" plastic vanes, Muzzy 100 grain 3 blade heads, Trophy Ridge Flatliner sight.

Before I even installed the WB rest, I took the advice of some of the people here and began trimming the whiskers. I went so far as to trim 3 slots for the vanes to pass through. The task of trimming was a little bit tricky and somewhat time consuming. However, I'm glad I did that. I have yet to experience a lost vane out of this rest. After the rest was installed, I found that there was virtually no change in my tuning. The arrows were still grouping well. I made some minor left-right adjustments and that was it.

Before this rest, I had a typical TM Hunter prong rest. I often had the problem of my arrow falling off the rest from the slightest bump against a branch or something. This problem is completely eliminated with the WB. That's a nice thing to not have to worry about when drawing on a deer. It is also the unit's biggest selling point.

My pro shop did a test on loss of speed with this rest. I was there when he did it. He used a Martin bow with and without the WB. The arrows were shot through a Chrono. We founds that the difference in speed was never greater that a couple of FPS. Absolutely not worth mentioning in terms of hunting setups.

There are some drawbacks to this rest.
1. There is a very slight increase in noise due to the whiskers sliding along the arrow. When I shoot, there is a little "CH" sound that wasn't there before. Nothing earth-shattering mind you. The deer I took last year wasn't affected by it.
2. Since the arrow is in contact with the rest, one needs to be even more mindful of torque.
3. People have experienced vane damage from this rest. Feather users in particular seem to notice more damage.

In the end, I think it is a very good rest and would recommend it to people. In the same breath though, I would tell people to check out other rests like the Bodoodle zapper. The Bodoodle appeals to me since it appears that it would have much less vane contact.

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Default RE: Wisker Bisket

I HAD a whisker drop tine rest. I used it for about 2 months. I got tired of the erratic arrow flight and the fletchings needing re-fletched every week. I had the drop tine rest. I will never shoot a whisker biscuit again!
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Default RE: Wisker Bisket

I have one and think its great. I have heard of somebody cutting the top open big enough to allow the arrow to drop in. Has anybody heard or seen this?
As to erratic arrow flight and the fletchings needing re-fletched every week, I've never had a problem. Been shooting shooting for four months with the same three arrows. I shoot two or three times a week. Maybe about fifty to sixty shots a time at various distances.
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Default RE: Wisker Bisket

I have played around with one. I cut a slot in the top so I could load my arrows from the top. It works well, and is much faster. Basicly I like the rest, but you will "fuzz" your feathers up badly. With vanes I had no such problems. Arrow flight was good, and it was fairly easy to tune. It is not the rest to get the most accuracy potential, but for a hunting rest I think the "average" bowhunter will find it useful. I still have one on a backup hunting bow. but for my overall personal shooting style, I think I prefer the Muzzy ZE rest, but I can't realy say anything bad about the WB, it does what it is made to do, and does it well. If you can live with the drawbacks I think you will like the rest.

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Default RE: Wisker Bisket

I trimmed the back of mine and cut slot for the vanes to pass through. With these modifications, I can shoot thousands of shots with no damage to the vanes and it does not effect speed measureably. It shoots very good groups for me and I consider it an excellent hunting rest.
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