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Mathews Halon 6

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Default Mathews Halon 6


Have only sent about 500 or so arrows down range. So cannot comment on durability yet.

My first Mathews bow. Formerly hunted with Browning (used my second new Browning for 18 years). Bought a Hoyt two years ago.

The No Cam technology/zero knock travel on the Mathews caught my attention.

Sweet bow. Quiet. 29.5", 65#, 30" Carbon Express Maxima Blue Streak 350 arrow: 388 grain total weight (includes 100 grain tip), Whisker biscuit, chronographed at an avg. of 295.

The very first three arrows @ 20 resulted in one trashed arrow. Two arrows touching, the third <1/2" away. Ughhh. The price of success. Now continues to group very well. The bow is far better than I am. Very forgiving.

Not very jumpy. The Hoyt seemed to be very twitchy. This has seemed twitchy on me less than 5 times in all the slinging so far.

Very nice back wall.

Seems like the right setup for my shooting style.

No, I don't work for, nor am I paid by Mathews (or any other archery company, or person involved int the archery industry).

I wonder if the online KE calculators are very accurate? The first one Google finds is calculating 74 ft lbs of KE for the current setup.

I first set the bow @ 62lb, 29", 413 grain arrow (125 grain point)... That chronographed at an avg. at 273. The same KE calculator returned 69 ft lbs of KE.

In the end, it all moot. The thing could take out a grizzly bear.

I'm giving it an 9 out of 10 stars right now. It's just a little heavy. So far that is the only thing I notice.

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