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My Thoughts Comparing an Elite Energy 35 to Hoyt's Carbon Spyder ZT Turbo >

My Thoughts Comparing an Elite Energy 35 to Hoyt's Carbon Spyder ZT Turbo

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My Thoughts Comparing an Elite Energy 35 to Hoyt's Carbon Spyder ZT Turbo

Old 02-27-2016, 02:12 PM
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Default My Thoughts Comparing an Elite Energy 35 to Hoyt's Carbon Spyder ZT Turbo

My last bow was a 2014 Elite Energy 35 that I shot every day... I absolutely loved it. But I wanted to try another brand's flagship hunting bow. So I bought a 2015 Hoyt Carbon Spyder ZT Turbo. I love this thing too. To me, there are some noticeable differences between the two. Here are my thoughts:

Vibration: My Hoyt seems to have a bit less vibration... very minimal difference, but a little advantage to the Hoyt.
Back Wall: Both have incredibly solid back walls, but the Elite has a little advantage here
Let Off: Elite's let off is incredible... definite advantage over the Hoyt.
Creep: Elite had absolutely zero creep from full draw. Hoyt will creep on you if you're not careful. At first I felt it was an advantage for Elite... however I've changed my mind. I like a little bit of creep because it really makes you focus on proper back tension and form. If you get a little sloppy, that creep can get you. So the Hoyt forces you to keep your form and back tension in check, which for me has resulted in slightly more consistent shot groups.
Price: Elite definitely has Hoyt beat here. But online pricing can narrow this difference a bit.
Warranty: Elite has a transferrable warranty which is a pretty big deal. Especially if you ever decide to sell it.
Finish: Elite has had some issues with the durability of their finish. To be fair, my E35 was a 2014 and I understand Elite fixed that in 2015, but I give the advantage to Hoyt.
Grip: This is all personal preference, but I prefer to have full wood grips. So I give this advantage to Hoyt.
Cam Lean: My Elite had slight, but noticeable cam lean, even when not drawn. Didn't seem to affect performance, but it was still there. Hoyt has the advantage here.
Weight: Hoyt is almost a pound lighter. Hoyt definitely wins here.
ABO FPS: Hoyt is quicker at ABO 350fps versus 335 in the Elite. Advantage to Hoyt.

I just started shooting my new Hoyt, so I haven't put enough arrows downrange with it to give you a specific performance comparison. But I will say both bows are a pure joy to shoot.
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