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Martin Cougar 10-15-2003 06:18 AM

RE: Which odor neutralizer spray?
I' ve also had 2 nozzles of carbon blast break. I' ve dumped the rest into another container and it' s worked fine.

FroMan 10-15-2003 04:41 PM

RE: Which odor neutralizer spray?
I always use Scent-Away by Hunter Specialties...I know for a fact that it neutralizes scent, but for how long or to what degree I' m not sure of. I sprayed some of it on my watchband, which smells like butt I might add, and in seconds I couldn' t smell it. Not sure what that would mean to a deer' s nose, but it fooled mine.

Here' s a testimonial of the product...a type of " review."

Scent-A-Way Products
Several years ago I stumbled across the Scent-A-Way product line in a local Wal-Mart store. With my luck, at that time being rated marginal at best, I decided to purchase the products in an attempt to improve the situation.
With mixed emotions and high hopes I used all of the Scent-A-Way products I had that opening morning as per the directions. The products I had were the tall bottle of laundry soap, the odor killing bar of body soap, and the scent killing spray. I couldn' t believe what happened later that morning, even while I watched the events of the day unfold before my very eyes.

After spending a couple hours in my deer stand, I had decided to call it a morning and return later that afternoon. It had been drizzling rain since before daylight that day and everything in the woods, myself included, was wet and soaked. I was a bowhunter looking for his first archery kill, which was six years overdue! With a rifle or shotgun I had put a number of deer in the freezer, but the archery concept just wouldn' t come together.

At any rate, I decided to make a slow stalk back to my truck as the entire area appeared to be an interstate for the deer with about six different intersections within 75 yards of my stand. As I made my way through the woods I realized that the wind was almost directly behind me, which of course, only dampened my spirits even more. None-the-less, I continued my stalk. I got to a point on the trail where I had spooked several does from a thicket during my scouting (pre-season) and decided to stop and survey the area carefully. After a few moments, with the wind now directly at my back, I caught the sight of movement. It was a large doe, feeding on acorns, at 30 yards...and totally clueless to my presence!

I didn' t get too excited too quickly because I really expected her to catch my scent at any moment and disappear in a flash. However, I did begin to slowly prepare for my shot. As the doe slowly fed toward my location, my heart pounded and I couldn' t hardly think straight, but somehow I kept my wits about me enough that I was able to successfully thread my arrow between the trees and bushes to score a double lung hit at 15 paces. As a result of the episode, I suffered the remainder of the day with a terrible headache, probably from my blood pressure shooting sky-high, BUT IT FELT GREAT!

My doe went down within 50 yards of where I shot her and bowhunting has been an addiction ever since. I credit that kill, and countless others since then, to your products! I also credit your company with allowing me to get closer and closer to the deer that I hunt.

But, that was years ago! Each year since then, I have targeted your products as essential gear in my hunting pack. (Notice I said essential, NOT optional). Since that time that I first tried Scent-A-Way, I have watched the Scent Wafers, the Earth Scent Spray, the True Talker Call and many other products hit the shelves. I am very proud to say that I used about 95% of the products that your company markets. I say 95% because I am not sure if Walmart stocks your entire product lines. If they don' t sell them all, they are missing out. It' s just that simple, and I make it a point to tell everybody I see in the sporting good section about your products.

I really get a kick out of those folks that used to be like me--confused. Today as a matter of fact, there were two brothers in the store who were undecided as to what they would need for their first deer hunt. They assured me that they had a likely looking place to hunt, but they didn' t know what they should use. All of your products from your company was in one section, with the exception of the True Talker call. After a brief conversation with these guys, they asked me why I was so successful as a bowhunter and how did I do it? I never said a word, I just started placing your products in his cart. I started just as I do for myself, two bottles of laundry detergent, liquid and bar soap, deodorant, tall bottles of Scent-A-Way (Fresh Earth) spray, talc, scent wafers (acorn, fresh earth, natural pine) and a True Talker call.

One of the guys started to pick up something else from the shelf (not one of your products) and I told him that he might be making a big mistake and that I had already placed everything that he needed in his cart. After a slightly confused expression from the both of them, I just explained how to use the products, displaying each one as I spoke about it. I told them that I don' t know the chemical make-up or contents, but I know all that I needed to--IT WORKS! I started talking about some of my experiences while hunting with the products and got nothing but enthusiastic and hopeful expressions from the both of them.

Hunter' s Specialties has added so much to my hunting by giving me the confidence that has made me the hunter I am today.

Ken Harris
Cowarts, AL

vERN 10-16-2003 09:48 PM

RE: Which odor neutralizer spray?
I have had good reults with carbon blast, but have also had problems with the earlier bottle sprayers. I believe they have made some change as I have not had the sprayer clog this season - yet. I also use the Fall Blend on the stand or brush around where I sit. The combo has woked very good. As for it turning things black - it will on blaze orange or white. On camo I haven' t noticed that it bothers that much, but I also will use it on the inside of the lighter colors and blaze. I still have dark spots on my blaze orange coat that don' t wash out - even if they say it will, but don' t care as I wanted " camo" orange anyway.

punt 10-22-2003 08:52 PM

RE: Which odor neutralizer spray?
I have used mostly Scent-A-Way and it works really well. I have used Scent Shield and that works good too.

Olink 10-23-2003 11:04 AM

RE: Which odor neutralizer spray?
Danny45 - Cabelas sells the Robinson Labs Body Shield Gel. I love that stuff too. Its the best thing out there for keeping BO at bay. Go to the search box at and type in ' body shield gel' .

Oh yeah. This is one guy that will NEVER buy any more of that H.S. Scents spray (I' m talking about the regular stuff) that Wal-Mart peddles. It stinks! (meaning it doesn' t work AND it has its own unique odor. I think the deer can smell it. Same color as light pee, too.)

JeramyK 10-23-2003 11:10 AM

RE: Which odor neutralizer spray?
I picked up a bottle of Scent-Away this past weekend because I had unknowingly left my ScentShield product at home. It worked out really well. I' m more than happy with the product.

bobcat 10 10-23-2003 04:25 PM

RE: Which odor neutralizer spray?
i used scent a way and had deer walk down the same path that i just walked. well i had deer get downwind and never smell me and a bonus to keeping scent in wear rubber boots... helps

i also mixed in scent killer with scent a way and had good luck with it to. and i also wear scent a way deo to.... helps. they are all good in my hs scents are cheaper

go deep hunt hard.;)

Deleted User 10-23-2003 06:57 PM

[Deleted by Admins]

Tomahog 10-25-2003 02:47 AM

RE: Which odor neutralizer spray?
I have recently tried the " Vanishing Hunter" by Buck Fever Synthetics. I shower before each hunt & then mist myself with it before getting dressed. You can even rinse your mouth out with it..... They claim it will prevent odor even if you sweat. I believe it. I have had deer at very close range, downwind and never pick up my scent. I have been using " Scent Killer" on my equipment.

kjclark7 10-25-2003 06:34 AM

RE: Which odor neutralizer spray?
i have been using essence of fall the last few years with good success. i' ve gotten real close to deer, within 10 feet upwind and them having idea i was there. i love this stuff. just do a search on essence of fall and you find info on it, i can' t find it in any stores.


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