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Beginner Bow

Old 11-04-2013, 04:20 PM
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Default Beginner Bow

Hey y'all I'm 16 and looking to get my first compound bow but don't know what to get. Not looking to spend an insane amount of money but also don't want a cheap bow that can't properly take a deer. Not many monster bucks round me so I'm not going after something huge if that matters. But anyway lemme know what bows y'all think would be good. Once again I'm 16 5'5" and 155lbs if that matters. Would I still be in the youth bow stage or no?
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Old 11-05-2013, 05:25 AM
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If I were you, I would get a package that is adjustable up - a youth bow at your age would be a waste of money. The package at adjusts as low as needed but can be adjusted up as high as needed. They give you everything you need and sight it in. Maybe more than you wanted to spend, but if you start adding up all the stuff they include, you would end up spending a lot more if you bought everything separate. I wish I would have purchased my bow at this place!

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if i were you i would start saving some money and buy something new when you can afford it. i bought my first compound bow at 11 years old saving allowance hahahaha. keep in mind that if you buy something used or cheap it will either a) not fit you well or b) be a piece of garbage. no need to start at the top but find something that is going to last.
i found picking out my own bow only grew my knowledge and interest in the sport.
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check out the bear outbreak. I did a review of my son's a few posts down. Would work for you into your 20's. other ideas are to look at your archery shop, ebay, craigslist for a used bow already set up. You will need to have it adjusted to your body, but it's a great way to save a bunch of cash.
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at your age and size almost any bow manufacturer has a bow that will fit you now and for as long as you want it. I would guess you have a draw length of about 26". Not sure how strong you are but I would look at a draw range of 35-50 lb. or if you can handle it, 45-60 lb.
For whitetails you can easily kill one with a 40 lb draw with proper arrow placement. But at that draw weight you better use a cut on contact broadhead like the Muzzy Phanthom or Magnus Stinger or Slick Trick's Razor Trick.
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What bronko said. HD.
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PSE Stinger and Bear Encounter are both good starter bows and quite capable of taking game. Very inexpensive packages out there, Bear Encounter has a new model out though. Bear Encounter is my first single cam bow and love it and shoots well. Very forgiving and accurate. The PSE Stinger is more adjustable in terms of poundage.

I'm starting out with this bow cause it will adjust up to #70, I'm shooting this thing in 2 to 3 inch groupings at ~26 yards (backyard) If all goes well and I continue to hunt, I will upgrade to a higher end bow. You can literally spend a couple of thousand on a bow and setup but I'm not one to do that.

Good luck!
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