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Arrow shafts

Old 08-17-2012, 09:07 AM
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Default Arrow shafts

I was looking to get new arrows soon so i went online and it said arrow shaft with a number like 340. I looked at my arrows and they are 300 what does this number mean
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Those numbers are the spine rating. To put it simply - The amount of flex or bend an arrow has at a specified length with a specified weight put on its midpoint. The lower the number the less the defelction (bend) or the stiffer the arrow. There are other factors but typically the heavier the draw weight or the longer the arrow needed the lower spine number you will need.
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With all due respect I'd say you are a rookie at this. Your questions are good and better asked now than after you buy arrows. It's all good stuff to learn, but shopping on the internet is the last place you should be buying till you get more experience. Visit your local pro shop and get hands on help for now.

I've been shooting compounds for almost 40 yards and forgotten more than most guys will ever learn and I still don't buy on line. The little money you save is not worth it and often you end up getting the wrong thing and end up buying twice anyway so the saving goes out the window.

Ask yourself this. Are you knowledgable enough to tear down your bow and put it back together and tune it up again? You may have a local shop that needs your business to stay in business. If he can't make a living he closes his doors and who is going to do all your repair or maintenance then?
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different manufacturers have different ways of 'reading' the numbers, for example, for Easton arrows, the lower the number the 'stiffer' the arrow, or less flex, where as for something like Carbon Express the higher the number the stiffer the arrow, you have to do some research as the right arrow is the difference between hitting the bullseye or not, basically saying, the higher poundage bow, the 'stiffer' the arrow should be to avoid damage to your bow or even you.
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