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Default RE: Monster

I shot it the other day.....ended up putting in my order for a new Elite z28, hands down better choice for me personally.

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Default RE: Monster

What didn't you like about it? I'm more geared toward the 7.0 Reezen myself, or the Switchback XT I already own and is proven but am curious.
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Default RE: Monster

ORIGINAL: stalkingbear

What didn't you like about it? I'm more geared toward the 7.0 Reezen myself, or the Switchback XT I already own and is proven but am curious.
I did not like the draw cycle, felt very harsh...and a great deal of vibration/ hand shock. Not a question that it is fast- but not my cup of tea at all. I would much rather have a little less speed and a better "feeling" bow. Much like your Switchback XT- great bow both smooth and fast enough (for me).I rank the Switchback XT over the DXT/ Reezen 7.0/ Monster. To each his own....just my 2 cents. This year I am running a Bowtech General and Elite z28.
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I didn't like the draw cycle of the Monster at all, and I can't imagine hunting with that in the late season here in Michigan; drawing that thing would be rough! I like the Reezen 7.0, and the S2, which is much smoother, but there's a difference in speed. Depends what you're looking for.

Actually, I just shot the Monster, Reezen, S2, DXT, and the Hoyt Alphamax32 yesterday, and as a long-time Mathews supporter, it pains me to say the Hoyt Alphamax32 may be the nices bow I've ever shot. Incredibly smooth, quiet, and fast. I went to the shop with the intentions of buying a Reezen, but after shooting the Hoyt, I'm not sure I could justify it, because the Hoyt feels great in my hand, and shoots like a dream!
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Originally Posted by BGfisher View Post
Glad you like it, but for comparison almost all parallel limbed bows have very little recoil to speak of these days. It's not even worth mentioning any more. Much can be said, too, about bows being quiet.

That being said, I might have to look at one. Not that I'd buy one. Ain't no bow worth that kind of money.

uh i am not quite sure about this.
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its hard to compare the noise and vibration of any bow to the bowtech cp's... bgfisher you should shoot one.... i think thts why tribal noticed the vibration so much, he is shooting a general
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i shot the monster at woods in water in tuscaloosa and at the deer show at the bjcc in birmingham. it was smoother than what i thought but i have to say there was some noticable hand vibration and the draw cycle could be a little smoother. If i had to pick a speed bow it would be the xforce dream season or xforce gx. the gx has a 10fps less ibo but its a much smoother bow than the monster. For me im sticking with my mathews drenaline. its smooth, fast, and quiet. the reezen is a little faster but its not more smooth or quiet than the drenaline. the alphamax 32 is very smooth and queit but the drenaline is just as fast so theres no reason why i should change bows this year. thats just my 2 cents.
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I shot the monster and drawing it wasn't that bad I didn't think. But when I let down a few times just to see what it would be like letting down on a deer very harsh. Then shot the reezen 6.5 and felt great. Going to get a reezen 6.5 or 7.o.
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I shot the monster and aside from the endless and rought draw was forgiving and lightning fast.....shot a bowtech right along side of the monster and it was super quick but was like shooting a colt!!

That said, i would have to prefer the new hyperlite which is basically a DXT with a few design changes over either reezen or the monster.
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i have not shot a bow of this design that i liked. everyone raved about the xforce, i shot them as they came out, and really i think the hype got to people. I sure think that the HCA Iron mace was a much nicer bow to shoot. then i shot the bowtec speed bows, and there was no comparison. i shot one of the more recent APA speed bows, and they are smoother than the x-force. i dont see that Matthews could have calmed it down enough for me to care. Print enough shiny flyers and someone will buy your product.
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