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North Star Stands

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Default North Star Stands

Has anyone used the new Tree Cat Archer from North Star? I am thinking about getting one. Any feedback will be appreciated.

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Default RE: North Star Stands

I have one for this year. There are many things about it I like already. Let me add to what little there is out there on this stand.

First, the adjustments for tree diameter on the base is done with just a squeeze of the hand on the preloaded cam. What that means is the belt is attached to a bungee cord. Before climbing you release the cam (squeeze it) and pull the belt out until it stops. Wrap the belt around the tree and feed it into the other cam. When you climb and the tree gets smaller, squeeze the loaded side with your weight of the base and the belt will pull it self tight. Simple and quiet. The seat is done manually. Squeeze and push the belt in.

The belts are a real plus after years with cables. Very quiet and easy to use.

The base comes with straps for your feet. When I saw them I hated it, but after looking at it, it look as if you could just slide your feet under the side rails and climb so I gave it a shot. Not only does it work but it works great due to how well the base is balanced. It's a breeze to lift.

It has floating teeth kind of that adjust to the tree and a cinching method after you reach were your going that uses a rope and a lever. No buckles or loose straps. It all stays on the stand and is also very quiet and easy to use.

It packs very flat and carries very comfortably.

The 2 only need the pull of a pin to get them in unfolded and ready to climb. With a little practice it is also very quiet and easy to use.

It is a stand as well as sit and climb, very easy. The bar can be folded under the seat if you want or use for what ever. It is one of the things about this stand that needs some work. It is assembled by tightening the bolts just enough to keep it from swinging free by it self. The way it is the tube can easily become smashed flatter an flatter. I'm going to put some kind of spacers to keep that from happening.

It does need IMO some camo work. I used different spray paints. I thought it needed it, others may not. I even camo the carrying straps.

It is very comfortable.

There are some parts that concern me and could be a problem if they break so I'm going to order them and have them with me when I use the stand. Nothing that wouldn't all fit into a cigarette pack.
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