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Old 08-17-2006, 12:14 AM   #1
Fork Horn
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Default Deer cane

has anyone else used the deer cane product? Iput the pre mixed one in the woods and man did the ground get ripped up. I was thinking of using the powder mix yourself one for cost reasons but 2 other people I talked to said they didnt have much luck with that particular one. so I would love to here some feed back on the powder form of deer cane Thanks
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Default RE: Deer cane

you ever tried snorting it... well i did; i was addicted for two weeks!!!
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Default RE: Deer cane

Works great. I have a hole in WV that is a good 2 ft deep. I use the powder to get it started, then the liquid to maintain.
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Default RE: Deer cane

i have used the deer cane black magic. never saw a deer touch it or saw any signs of use. haven't tried any other types
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Default RE: Deer cane

how exactly do you use it? What does it do?
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Default RE: Deer cane

Yea I tried that Black Magic stuff , that sure was a waiste of money.
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Default RE: Deer cane


how exactly do you use it? What does it do?
Best bet it to pour it on something like a rotted stump that's cut pretty close to the ground. If you can't find something like that, just scrape the ground bare and pour it into the dirt. Basically it's a bunch of minerals with some molassas or similar mixed in. It soaks into the ground, and the deer will be attracted by the scent initially, and then by the taste. They'll paw and chew up the ground and any roots until they can't taste it anymore...typically you'll end up with a hole that'sa couple feet deep. It is considered a deer attractant and is treated the same as salt licks or baiting, so you'll have to be careful with your game laws. Personally, I don't see that the deer can get enough useful minerals from it to be beneficial to them, and the only benefit you get as a hunter is finding out what deer are in the area.
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Old 08-31-2006, 10:16 PM   #8
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Default RE: Deer cane

i used it once and did they tear the place up than i used it this year and nothing touched it i dont know but buckjam works for real try that
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Default RE: Deer cane

Ive had mixed results.But the one thing that has worked good,is Trophy Rock.
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Default RE: Deer cane

I've had really good luck with deer cane. I usually mix mine with a blend of Whitetail's 30-60 mineral mix. It's kinda like putting whipcream on top of a banana split...
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