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Old 07-14-2005, 08:28 AM
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Default STS???

does anyone have an STS on their bow? if you do, does it really work well or is it just something to waste money on?
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Default RE: STS???

Check out this thread.
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Default RE: STS???

don't waste your money
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Default RE: STS???

In this sport of archery there is lots of money waisted but if it wasn't would we get the opinions from other fellow archers out there. As far as the STS goes, for me it is a great addition to my bow. Did I need it tomake my bow quieter, not really, but the little extra doesn't hurt. The biggest plus to it for me is the vibration and shock is non existent with this thing on. I shoot good either way with it on or off but do see slightly better grouping with it on. If you are interested in it, try it, don't buy or not buy because someone told you too. Make your own assesment of each and every product you want or may want, each one may perform differently for each individual that is why we have the choice to like or dislike a certain something and leave our feedback for others to ponder on. I for one will try something if I want too whether someone tells me to or not, it is my choice and I will tell you what I think of it after doing so.
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Default RE: STS???

The effect of the STS is VERY minimal on many bow models. For example they do very little on the Hoyts other than add more bulkiness and weight. They are certainly not worth the $40!
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Default RE: STS???

"The effect of the STS is VERY minimal on many bow models." AGREED.
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Default RE: STS???

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Default RE: STS???

Saunders came out with this idea a few years ago already. I have their older model (Pro Deadly Quiet) in my tackle box.
Here's there latest model...
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Default RE: STS???

I think it just depends on the bow you are shooting. My Buckskin was pretty quiet and didn'thave a lot of shock. But the STS made it dead in my hand and completely eliminated any twang from the string. However, with that said, you have to play around with the postion of the rod and the distance from the string. For me, 1/16 inch from the string is the quietest. For others, it's closer and for some much farther. Quite frankly, I'm not a big fan of the company itself, but have to give credit where credit is due.What I have read many times over is that folks didn't think the STS did anything for them until they had it on for awhile and then took it off. Most put it right back on. I did.
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Default RE: STS???

I like the STS and no it wasn't a must have as my bow was quiet but the STS did help my groups tighten up and will help eliminating any string slapwhen i'm hunting in the late season here in minnesota.
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