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Default Boat

what kind of boat do you have. What is the best to use. I have a 8 foot aluminium but no motor. Also its only about 4 foot wide. I'm thinking of painting it a metalic color.
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Default RE: Boat

what kind of boat do you have. What is the best to use.
Truthfully, you don't even need one if you can walk the shores, but sinceyou already have a boat...
The shallow drafting ones like various forms of flat-bottomed jons are common, but you can bowfish from any boat as long as it will get you in close enough to where the fish are.

Many rigs are simple and small, but some guys really put a lot of time and money into their setup with airboats, fans, platforms, lights and generators for nighttime shooting, andsome have evenmodified their rigs for filming theiroutings.

What make of boat do you have now?
Are you comfortable standing up on it?
Ever shot fish from it?
Have you put a platform on it?

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Default RE: Boat

I use a 12 foot alumacraft jon boat. It isn't very wide but i can get into and around brush and stump's with little effort and sneak right up on the fish
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Default RE: Boat

ORIGINAL: Hog Killer

I'm thinking of painting it a metalic color.

Well at least it'll be pretty...
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Default RE: Boat

i use a 16' flat bottom with a 25 hp still now big enough when we get 3 guys and a couple hundred pounds of carp and gar
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Default RE: Boat

Those small boats or canoes are great for getting into small shallow bays, but as you get drawn deeper and deeper into the abyss the quest for bigger and better gets under your skin. MUST---GET---WIDER---BOAT---! Bigger platforms, faster motors, more lights, .....
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Default RE: Boat

i gotta 16.6 footerand its wider then normal, with a 40hp on the back 40lbs trolling moter 2 batteries (soon 10 lights and 2 genis, in two weeks) and with ur fish barrel 3-4 guys,it gets real crowded, im actually thinking about selling mine and getting a 20 footer. but bigger isnt always better. if i would have had a smaller boat i could have shot more fish last summer in the real shallow stuff, so its all what u feel comfortable with.
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Default RE: Boat

Yep, every one has different set up's. Last year I had a 14 foor that had a full deck, 8hp and 36 # troller. It was nice for small lakes and rivers but was just too small for the larger lakes. One buddy with me was it with the fish barrel. Now have a 16x48 and would not go any smaller. It has a 25 hp with 60# troller, it is a joh boat too. It can handle 3 guys and a fish barrel fine. Have had 4 but that is getting crowed. I do not have a raised deck, just a 4' deck in the front for the troller, one chair. I can sit and shoot from the seat. Which really helps in the long tournaments. I have my generator on the back seat with bungee cords holding it in place. Have two lights in front and three down the side. It works for me. If you can try and get to a tournament even if you cannot shoot and see all the different set up's.
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