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New Member From San Diego, Hey I m Nathan. I m outdoor sportsmans... What is better for hunting 22lr or 9mm.....................
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Since this is the blade forum, you may not get as many answers as if you posted in the general hunting forum.

Which is better for hunting is a pretty broad question. First, is the game you are attempting to hunt legal to hunt with that caliber? Second, will it do the job? If we are talking deer, a .22 is not legal in any state that I'm aware of. If we are talking small game, .22 is the way to go. 9mm can be a decent hunting round, but it is also somewhat limited in what you can hunt with it. I use it here a lot for wild hogs. I have a couple of 9mm pistols I carry with me a lot, and if the distance is not so great, it works fine. Not that it wouldn't kill a pig further than I shoot them, I'm just not that great of a pistol shot. Have also killed coyotes with 9mm without any problems. Not the first thing I'd grab for to go hunting, but when I'm in the cab of equipment, it is the easiest thing for me to carry that I can keep out of the way.

If you are looking for an actual hunting cartridge, there are many options in centerfire rifle that will work great for a wide variety of game. My personal favorite round is the .25-06, but I also like the 6.5 Creedmore. Both of those rounds will work great for hogs, coyotes, and deer, and the .25-06 even elk in capable hands. Bumping up to a .308 or .30-06, and moose can be added to the mix. The reason I like the .25-06 is because the recoil from most rifles is within the tolerable range of most shooters. A person shooting a .25-06 well will outperform one shooting a .300 win mag with a flinch. And I've seen lots of people shoot the larger calibers, and lots of them have developed flinches.
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