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Stainless steel is great for people who do not deal to keep the knife. But razhdaemata instromentalna steel is easier to sharpen and has a much more aggressive cutting edge. Stainless steel vary in price range from $ 5-10 to $ 50-60, and it only for preparation measuring 25 cm. 4 cm. And that preparation is done on edge and temper and the price becomes double.
That everyone should consider first what she wants and how is willing to pay for it. Because dust quality stainless steel of the highest grade out quite expensive.
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I like a Case XX trapper with the yellow handle for most things but always have a Havalon along as well. I keep some others for butchering but the initial field work is always done with the Case and I've been carrying the same knife for nearly 25 years which replaced another one like it that I lost after helping a guy field dress and care a bighorn sheep in Co. The first one had a brown bone handle I couldn't find it after it got dropped on a steep slope. The yellow handle is easy to see.

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I had a Case XX Trapper with the yellow handle and lost it. This was one of the two blade jobs, it was a good knife but I like a lock blade. I carry a Buck 110 and use it for most things. I have an old Case 509 that is good for skinning, an "Old Hickory" butcher knife for larger things. I have a Frost "Bear Claw" that I sometimes carry for dress, it is much like the Buck 110 except lighter and better looking. I put three children thru college and did not do it spending a lot of money on knives or other items.
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I like the Russell Green River blades. They are inexpensive, versatile, and sturdy. Though I have a few very fine knives, I like to use these Russells most of the time.

The one I normally carry is called the "Hunter" and the one I like to use for skinning elk, deer, or antelope is called a "Fish" knife. They are inexpensive and rugged. Since they are carbon steel, you can hit them a few licks when doing a big job and put a wire edge on them very quickly.

Here is what the "Hunter" looks like, it has a 5" blade:


And my favorite skinning knife, which has a 4 1/2" blade:


I have batoned them through wood when I needed to split wood for a fire inside a tent, and they have never disappointed me. Very dependable...you could dig a rabbit out of hole with one and replace it when you got home for $20 if you had to. Highly recommended.

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I've a few bucks with a gut hook I carry hunting. I've got an orange handje case a buddy gave that I carry around most days. I did pick an old timer sharp finger today I just love the design and I had one when I was a kid.
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icarry cheap pocket knive if lose ain t lost much hunting knives I use western schrade and puma
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Originally Posted by bearbow49 View Post
icarry cheap pocket knive if lose ain t lost much hunting knives I use western schrade and puma
I hear you, I have an old Pakistan lockback knife thats a copy of the Buck 110 I think. I bought that as a kid back in the late 70's - early 80's it turned out to be a decent quality knife that iv'e used a lot threw the years.
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A Spyderco Delica is always dropped in my pocket, not clipped to my pocket (I've gutted several deer with it). I have a buck zipper knife (Love that zipper), and a Benchmade Rant, that's a work horse. I also take a Buck 103, 110, 119, sometimes.
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