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Originally Posted by MudderChuck
The trick to keeping my sawsall going when cutting/trimming green wood is to keep the blade oiled. I have a Black and Decker electric chain saw I found dumpster diving and an old antique metal case Black and Decker sawsall. For both I keep a can of Bio chain saw oil handy and dip the blade often.

I've turned many a sawsall blade into a pretzel trying to cut green wood, sap is like glue, the oil helps. I'm no newbie using a sawsall, but those raw tooth wood blades always give me the willies. A little oil really helps keeps them sawing smooth.

I really like my old tools, like old friends, I have a couple of chainsaws I bought when Reagan was President. I have a half garage/shed full of tools I've rescued, reconditioned or repaired, all of them sharp.
Also check out "machete specialist" they have lots of good options.

OKC, Tamotina, imacasa,Condor, and marbles(made by imacasa)

The OKC are made in the U.S. and are much heavier and thicker. The 18" is too heavy for my liking but the 12" is a fantastic little tool. That is what I carry in my trail camera bag for setting and/or checking cameras and I also use that one around camp a lot. It runs about $20 and I believe these are what the U.S. military uses.

For brush, chopping etc. I prefer the heavier OKC in 12" or less and the Tramotinas 14" or longer and the smaller Trams for large butcher knives.

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Way back when we used to think that Collins made a good machete. They came in various sizes. My old machete is a "Corneta", it is made somewhere in south America. The leather sheath is probably better then the blade.
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Another one I finished yesterday. I was going to sell it but now I'm quite fond of it and will probably keep it.

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Default Tramontina

I have several Machetes, a few Tramontinas in a Bolo shape, and regular 18" machete. I also have some of the older Collins Legitimus Machetes in 22" length. I prefer the longer ones for grass/brush and a shorter bolo style for cutting Brush/cane. I find the thinner blades slice easier. A 3/16 blade would make a heavy chopper and might tend to bog down on grass/brush but cut through bushes and small trees. If they are too weight forward, they tend to put more strain on the wrists, Good for chopping but not easy to use for hours of clearing.area.
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I have a 18" TRAMONTINA machete.
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I have a
CS machete CS machete
, 18 inch. It's quite cheap but useful when I'm on track - for dealing with brush and young trees.

But recently decided to give something else a try - Fox FX.
Some calls it a kukri, but I believe that's more something in between kukri and machete (as it doesn't look like any traditional kukri's I saw). It's about 14.37 length. Quite small but I don't have big arms either.
Must admit that this thing is awesome. I've used it to cut down trees and chop firewood on more than one backpacking trip and I can still use it to shave my arm.
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