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Gm54-120 10-08-2020 09:40 PM

I love it when you quote a page to make a point and leave out the tidbits like.

Hodgdon 777 This powder was designed for hunters trying to get more volume. It is really hot, 15% hotter than Goex 2F, for example.

It has all of the advantages of APP above.
And when you scroll down to the fps comparison
APP 2FG 34gr
580fps High
508fps Low
ES 72 but their math says 82
SD 30

Triple7 2FG 34gr
898fps High
829fps Low
ES 69
SD 27

So its MUCH slower and worse ES/SD then Triple7 yet Triple7 has all the advantages of the APP...according to the link YOU quoted. :cool:

arcticap 10-10-2020 03:00 PM

I didn't leave out anything since I provided the link to the page where you read it.
And I provided a reference link to the rest of Gander's photos which you didn't post a link to where you found them.

There's plenty of other velocity data about APP.
Check put some velocity and accuracy results that Curtrich did using a Ransom rest and Oehler chronograph.
For some reason, some of the loads with the lowest ES had the worst accuracy compared to the higher ES loads that had the best accuracy,
Perhaps heat, fouling or the APP pressure curve is involved. --->>>

arcticap 10-27-2020 10:47 AM

Jedediah Starr and also has APP in stock.



arcticap 11-07-2020 10:24 PM

3 Attachment(s)
APP has started making .50 round pellets instead of only the square sticks.
LG Outdoors is selling them. --->>>

JW 11-08-2020 02:12 PM

I will say lg outdoors product delivery is alot to be desired.

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