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Best way to sell?

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Default Best way to sell?

Hi again gang, I was leaft 3 muzzle loader rifles from a deceased relative.

Knight Revolution .50 cal
Thompson New Englander 12 gauge
Cabelas (Invetarm) .50 cal

Can these be sold privately or should I take to a dealer? I'm in the Seacoast of NH and the Kittery Trading Post is a nearby option. Just looking to get reasonable value for these as I'm not a black powder guy. Thanks in advance.
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Muzzleloading guns are not considered as "firearms" under Federal statutes. You may sell them as you wish, and even ship them through the post office system without restriction. A very few States have modifying regulations regarding the firearm/muzzleloader thing. I don't know if NH is one of those..

12 GA New Englanders are in fairly high demand. If it's in good shape I suspect someone on this forum will be sending you a private message asking for pictures and offering a fair price. I would guess something like $300, with shipping cost negotiable as to whether the buyer or seller pays.

My best guess on the Investarm .50 is around $250 (plus shipping) to $275 (shipping negotiable) so long as it's in reasonable shape with a clean bore. A rusty/pitted bore knocks it down to something like $125.

I'm not up to date on the Knight as I don't follow in-lines much.

Anyway, that's my take. Others may well disagree with my value estimates because muzzleloaders in different areas of the country have widely varying popularity and demand.
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black power guns in general are NOT considered FFL needed services to sell them, private sales are LEGAL in most all places I know of
to move them fast expect to sell them cheap and expect a lot of LOW ball offers
if you want a hassle free FAST dump, any gun shop, Cabela's or like stores will BUY them, but they will offer you very little for them!
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If no luck here you can list them on A reliable auction site.
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Thanks for all the advice.
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Stay away from selling places like CA, NY, MA, Liberal states basically. Look through a cableas catalog and they state which states they will not ship to due to FFL of muzzleloaders.
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Add Illinois to that list MountainDevil had. Though some ignore it and ship private BP sales here, if caught they will revoke your FOID card. Semisane's value list is pretty spot on for a lot of places, mostly eastern states. That Knight should sell for $300 if it's in really good shape.
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Do take note for the future, that not all muzzleloaders will fall into the non-FFL but will fall under the 4473 form requirement. Yes the traditional muzzleloader is considered a non-FFL, but there are others which are considered firearms and a 4473 form is required. Models such as the TC Encore, Remington Ultimate, UF and some other customs are considered firearms.
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I'm from rhode island not too far from you, most gun stores won't pay much for the side locks....i've bught them for under 200, so there paying like 100 bucks....maybe if you get a store to do a consignment sale for you you'd be better off'll make more money selling yourself
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I would not listen to anyone on the internet. I would go to your state's websites and read up.

Cabelas in OH is being sued because they solds a black powder gun to a bad man. OH law does not allow sale of black powder to criminals.

But I just read this on the internet and have no real clue. Read up on your state. Talk to real people in your state.

WI I can sell anything I want to anybody, without the governments involvement. MI I can only sell long guns without the governments involvement. Every state is different.

Make an effort.
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