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Thunder Hawk

Old 01-20-2014, 03:02 PM
Nontypical Buck
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Default Thunder Hawk

I picked this one up a little while ago for $20.00 and I just put a $50.00 Tasco 3X9X50 scope with a duplex reticle on it. There is some pitting in the bore and I haven't shot it yet but I think it should shoot Maxiballs OK. It has a 1 in 38 inch twist. I want to try to take it to the range this week to see if it will shoot. If you're not familiar with the gun it is a plunger style muzzleloader and is set up for a number 11 cap. I might try to get a 209 conversion for it but they are in short supply.

Do you think I have the scope close enough to the barrel?

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Looks like a nice rifle. It will be interesting to see how well it shoots.
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Looks good pluckit. That's a whole lot of scope though. But as you probably know, I'm a fan of 4X on trim little guns like that. That 1:38 twist ought to be fine with MaxiBalls. You might also give the Hornady Great Plains conicals a try.

Heading to the range this weekend? Better bundle up!
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Nontypical Buck
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Nice. My buddy has one, his has a REAL tight barrel. Not sure if that is common on those or not. Looks pretty darn good for a $20 gun. I doubt that pitting hurts it
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Originally Posted by pluckit View Post
If you're not familiar with the gun it is a plunger style muzzleloader and is set up for a number 11 cap. I might try to get a 209 conversion for it but they are in short supply.

I wouldn't be in a big hurry to convert to 209 unless that's what you want, my T/C Firehawks have the same plunger style ignition with a #11 nipple and I've never had a problem with either one. Try it for awhile and see what you think. You did very well @ $20.00 for that one! You could JB bore paste the barrel before you shoot it if you're concerned about the pitting. If those are medium height rings you have on that scope, you might also wanna change to high mount (not see through) rings. I also suggest you get or make a scope cover that will fasten to the scope over the area above the breech, that way you won't scorch the finish on the scope while shooting. You can use a layer or two of duct tape and it works fine for protecting the scope, just looks a little redneck...LOL!


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Yep, you made a good deal on that gun. i have the .54 caliber Fire Hawk and it's a fine rifle. Those guns have an adjustable trigger, Timney i think.

My gun uses #11 caps: Never had a misfire. The only thing a 209 primer conversion will do is make the gun much dirtier.
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I think you got a steal, wow, very nice.
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What they all said. #11 is just fine. I have 2 Firehawks and they are about the same cept for the cocking. The Firehawks shoot "belted" type bullets just fine, any from the 223 to 405 grain. Sabots in the 300 grain range shot good too but have to swab between shots to load. I shot the 250 SST sabot hunting and it shot great, carried a 245 belted for reload in field. 85 gr of pyro P shot lights out accurate. Nice pick up and nice looking gun. 10
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