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Cva accura mr

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Default Cva accura mr

I'm interested in getting a cva accura mr but sales clerk told me i had to buy another type of breech plug if i wanted to shoot black horn209 is that right.
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Either that or have the factory plug modified. It's your money but I would make sure I was getting the new Accura MR's and not the older ones. The older ones have finish problems and they came out with a new finish for them along with a bare stainless steel one.
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Originally Posted by Josey Wales 2 View Post
I'm interested in getting a cva accura mr but sales clerk told me i had to buy another type of breech plug if i wanted to shoot black horn209 is that right.
chaded is correct. CVA has new part numbers for the CVA MR muzzleloader.

Check out the new models of the MR Muzzleloaders.

These should be available by the end of the month according to Carlos. We should know more shortly as the Shot Show and NRA show is approching and more information will come out of there.

Basically you get the same ole MR Muzzleloader with your choice of Bare SS or the new Nitride finish. Reports from Carlos one of our respected members who has actually handled one of these states that the Nitride finish is super tough. He even tried to scratch some fo the finish off the barrel under the forearm and could not penetrate it. Personally I see no reason for the finish and would just go with the bare SS but that is me. I guess if you lived in Florida or on the East or West coast were Salt air and corrosion issues were a problem maybe.

To answer the other part of your question, yes you will need a secondary breech plug to shoot BH209. The Factory supplied breech plug is excellent for shooting pellets and other subs but for BH209 you need a different plug.

Ron and FrountierMuzzleloader offer a conversion of your existing Plug that involves drilling out your plug and inserting a vent liner. it seems to really open up the flame channel. Ingenious Idea.

The other option is to go with the Western Plug. It comes with the drill bit neccessary to keep the flame channel clean and the O rings for proper Primer spacing. The CVA BH209 plug seems to work fine for a great number of people but you have to assemble all the drill bits and stuff on your own so the $ savings,time and effort is really not worth it. Just call up Carlos and get the Western plug if that is the route you decide to take.

Lastly a lot of people dis CVA marketing decicion to not offer the ACCURA with a plug that shoots BH209 out of the box. When comparing the Accura at its price point they throw in a $39 scope mount and a $26. sling. The competitors don't! Personally I think that more than outways having to pay $29 for a breech plug. Looking through the many posts on this board and others it looks like it is a 50/50 split on the number of users that use BH209 vs some other form of sub so not every buyer of a CVA Accura is going to feel the need to purchase a BH209 compliant plug.

Good luck with your purchase.
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I had one of the original MRs. The company finally sent me an Apex, which I thoroughly love and have taken deer with this year!!!
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