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Supply shopping

Old 12-21-2012, 04:30 PM
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Default Supply shopping

I was out shopping at walleyworld and picked up some nice clearance muzzleloading accessorys. Most were T/C product s at 50% off. No powder though. So went and asked counter guy. New rules only one box of ammo a day. Per person.. That includes powder. Whats up with this world. So I went home and did what I could.. Became NRA life member!

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I am sure it is just their attempt to show that they are concerned with the recent shootings in the news. Seems silly to me. If I lived in town, I would just go back as often as I wanted and pick the stuff up. BUT stores have their rules. And we have to abide by their store policy. I did managed to get six pounds of Pyrodex RS at my Wal Mart for $13.00 a pound which is what more places sell it, and I don't have to pay haz mat.
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Old 12-21-2012, 09:31 PM
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I saw on the news that Wal-Mart was going to continue to sell guns and bullets and powder as usuall, they were'nt going to quit selling anything.
But yea I also usually wait for the clearance stuff and stock up. I get some patches, BP Grease, Bullets and whatever else I need. But this season it seemed as if they cut way back on ordering stuff. I was in wal-mart 3 times during the last week of late mling season and they were sold out of everything execpt a few items like scope mounts, some started cleaning kits some bore cleaner and a bunch of Tinks No69, boy was I Dissapointed! I did'nt get to buy anything.
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went by my local walmart, out everything but the things I have 2 to 10 of. looked at there ammo case. out of just about every type of ammo but 40s&w and a few hunting rounds.

did not have a single box of 22lr. guess I won't take my mossburg 715t to the range any time soon.

as for the "assault weapons" nothing left but a ar based 22.

Became NRA life member!
joined right after this last election.

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Our walmart does their clearance on muzzleloader supplies after the gun season which is 1st week of Dec.
Our muzzleloader season is not until Jan 5th - 8th.
That explains why their shelves are empty 2 weeks before season.
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I was really surprised that this year the Walmart I ususally go to didn't really seem to have any muzzleloading supplies. I didn't see any type of bullets or powder. I've noticed it decreasing over the years, but didn't think they woudl ever just not have it.
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Originally Posted by cayugad
BUT stores have their rules. And we have to abide by their store policy.

Not actually Dave. We can go and shop elsewhere and give them our business. Not that chinaworld would go broke because of it!!!
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Its crazy out there, I think last saturday was the largest single day gross gun sale in history. Hopefuly the NRA plays these next few months well, or will all be at the whems of crazy polititions.
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