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Ready for deer!

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Default Ready for deer!

Well, this has been quite an interesting last two weeks. I started out earlier in the year experimenting with a new peep sight on my muzzle loader because the open sight I had on it would keep coming loose at the most in-opportune of times. It caused me to miss a couple shots last year on deer, and make a not so great shot on an elk. I have also had problems in the past with hitting deer for some reason. I just never could hit one. Elk wasn't such a big deal, I have killed 3.

I put a Williams peep on the rear of the gun, and because of the current front sight I had, I was shooting close to a foot low. This was with the same load I am currently shooting. I was getting good groups (under 2" at 100 yards), just way too low. I applied for my tags this year, and before I purchased a new front sight, I found out I was unsucessful on everything, so the ML would be taking a break this year, and I would concentrate on getting caught up on some things, and working towards a bear hunt in California this fall.

Fast forward to about 2 1/2 weeks ago. I got a call from NDOW saying someone had turned in a muzzle loader tag for the area which I had down as my first choice. I took the tag, and the scrambling began. I was able to find a Williams Firesight front to put on the muzzle loader the next day, and shot at the range. After about 7 shots, I had two it sighted in good with shots about 1/2" apart at 100 yards. I was about 2" low with my rear sight at max elevation. The other day I shot at some milk jugs with water, and was able to hit at 50, 75 and 100 yards from a sitting position. I missed 2 shots just high, but after I figured out my hold, I was good to go.

The load is a .452" Hornady XTP in a Harvester Crush Rib Sabot over 100 grains of Goex 2f, with a Winchester 209 Primer in my Traditions Pursuit. I tested the load today and got 1702 FPS, which should put me right in the middle of the velocity range for the .454 Casull, so I shouldn't have any worries about the bullet not penetrating at close range. I have a ranch secured that I can hunt, and there are plenty of deer. I have been watching them for a couple nights now, and figuring out what to do for opening day. Hopefully it will call come together and I will finally be able to get a deer with my muzzle loader and break the curse.

Come on September 10th!!
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Sounds like you will be ready to go. Good luck on downing that deer .when I put a peep on my Omega it was the same way. It shot way low.I called williams and TC and they both were willing to send me a lower front sight free. I went with TC and received the sight in less than a week. No cost. Let us know how your hunt goes.
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good luck with the sight and the hunt.
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Sounds like you have it all together Charlie Brown. Good luck making meat.
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charlie brown

Hey Charlie! Have a great hunt...
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I wound up having to put lock tight on my Hawkins sight. It kept coming loose on me every year. I have had no problems with it since. Congratulations on your draw and good luck harvesting your deer. I shoot the Hornady .45 Cal. XTP out of my Pursuit also. It shoots terrific. I just buy the Thompson Center XTP sabot combo pack in the 240 grain size. I have all but one of my muzzle loaders sighted in and ready to go. The one that's not ready has been giving me a bit of a fit. I just bought some 300 grain, 50 caliber, Hornady FPB's to try them out. If they will shoot well out of it I will be set and ready with all my muzzle loaders for the October early muzzle loader season here in Maryland. I put in my request for vacation for 3.5 weeks for the early 10 day muzzle loader season, the 2 week shotgun season and the final 2 day shotgun season at the end of the year. I will have to skip taking off for the late muzzle loader season since I don't have enough vacation time saved up for it.

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