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TC shockwaves

Old 04-25-2011, 03:59 PM
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Default TC shockwaves

I've been shooting Hornady FPB's since they've came out,and they shoot really well out of my CVA Kodiak,I mean like 1inch groups all day long,but Im wanting to try something else,so I picked up a pack of TC shockwaves 250gr bonded core in the super glide sabots and they shoot great,almost all 3 holes touching at 100yds useing a 100grs of blackhorn 209. Can someone with some actual field use of this bullet give me some info on how they perform? Im thinking of ditching them and going to the Barnes bullet,but the shockwaves are alot cheaper,so do they or don't they do their job and put deer down? Do they usually expand good and do alot of damage to deer?
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Some guys on here don't like them because you sometimes get separation. But in all honesty, the deer I shot with them didn't know whether they separated or not. And neither did I as they passed through. If they shoot THAT good in your ML, and you are only going to be using them for deer and black bear, there is absolutely no reason to change.
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Old 04-25-2011, 04:36 PM
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The bonded SW worked better for me. If you want to save money ditch both those bullets and use XTP'S. They worked better on Deer for me. Actually the gold dots sound even better but i never used them.
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I use the regular SW for target and the bonded for hunting they shoot the same.
The regular SW don't hold together near as well when you hit bone.
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Did you have a problem with the FPB's performance on deer?
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Originally Posted by johnnyo View Post
Did you have a problem with the FPB's performance on deer?
Not up until this year. Maybe I got a bad batch but up until this year,I've had great results with them,and awesome blood trails.But this year,I shot 2 does that I never recovered,but I found hair where the deer was indicating a hit,but I never found any blood,but im not gonna blame the bullet,because It very well could have been my shot placement.Then I shot a 6pt that I found that probably ran 60 or 70 yds with a good double lung hit and I found no blood until the last 10 or 20 yds. Like I said,maybe a bad batch.
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I have shot sw 250gr bonded out of my optima elite for a few years without any problems. They are very accurate out of my rifle. I have only shot 3 deer with them and all preformed just fine, however its hard to judge a bullet on just 3 game animals. The bonded sw should not have any problems with bullet seperation since they are bonded. I use this rifle when I hunt in fields with the chance of a longer shot.
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They shoot extremely well out of my Encore as well with 105 gr of Blackhorn 209 but I had to switch to a Harvester black cr to get them to shoot good. I switched to the Barnes TMZ because I just read too many negative reports on them on game and the TMZ shoots just as good out of my gun as the BSW. I personally have never shot and animal with a BSW though.
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