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Originally Posted by ronlaughlin View Post
This morning i fired a few loads in the Triumph using W209 primer. The W209 grew about 0.010". The STS primer has plenty of fire for BH, but i am inclined to think the wouldn't be the best to use in my Triumph, because of their length. They would grow much more than the W209, and blow by would probably be an issue. If all Triumph have similar headspace, the W209 is probably the primer that will fit the best.

I believe my next breech plug project will be to decrease the headspace of the Triumph, so that STS will be the primer of choice in my rifle. Currently i am doing the same thing for one of my Omega.
Ron with 777 powder i have been using, i have never experienced any blow by at all. they have been perfectly clean.
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Originally Posted by sabotloader View Post

Ron, Builder might be OK, i shoot an even shorter Chedditie primer in my Triumph and really do not experiance much blow back at all in fact very litte. There is a dusting but not much.

This is the breech are in my Triumph after shooting 9 shots of 110 grains of BH and a very short Cheddite primer, it's length averages 0.287"...

This is accomplished by the length of the 'flash channel' in the breech plug. With the 'flash hole' on the end of the Triumph plug the volume capacity of the 'flash channel' is increased to the point where there is very little blow pressure felt on the nose of the primer - there-by reducing blow back
As i mentioned to Ron, i have never experienced any blow by with STS primers.from what i have read they are not the hottest nor the mildest primer on the market, but somewhere in the middle..i bought 1000 of them and have been very happy with them.. Ray
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Them STS is my favorite primer, but i can only use them in rifles in which i have adjusted the headspace. One is fortunate, if one's rifle can use them cleanly.
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only primer dusting i get is when i forget to leave the fired primer in and reload the next shot. All that dust gets pushed down and onto the face of my frame. Once i learned that trick, those old fired primers stay put until i am reloaded.
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