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Fpb vs sst

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Default Fpb vs sst

Hey guys,

Quick question here.

My dad's gun shoots a 300 grain Hornady SST (with the red Sabot, can't remember what they call it) the best. It is also easier to load than is the 385 Great Plains (the bullet I use).

I have seen information on people using the FPB on elk, but do not see any information about the SST.

So, what are the differences between the FPB and the SST, besides bullet diameter, weight, and the hollow base on the FPB.

I just want "reassurance" that the SST will work on elk and deer this year, but I have not had any experience with it. I KNOW what the Great Plains will do to an elk, so not worried about that.

I am shooting the Great Plains with 90 Grs of Goex 2f. Pops is using 90 grains of Pyrodex Select.

We both have cow elk tags (second year in a row for me), and deer tags for the same area and season dates.


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sst has a bad reputation at not opening up on game. With only 90gr 2f goex, i certainly would not use that sabot!

Are these the lyman great plains rifles? Normally the great plains has a 1:60 twist made for round balls so i doubt a sabot or a conical will fly with any accuracy.
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sst has a bad reputation at not opening up on game.
Says some. Some others say that the SST fragments on a 70 pound whitetail deer. I have used the 250 grain SST to kill about 15 deer and dozens of hogs. When i put the bullet where it is supposed to go it does a good job. A few times i did not put the 250 grain SST where it was supposed to go; as a result i had long tracking and dragging jobs. No, i would not use that bullet on elk.

The search for the magic bullet that will turn a gut shot animal into a bang flop every time continues.
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The sst isn't the best choice for Elk. Widener's is selling an excellent Elk bullet at a clear-out price. Here is a link to the 300g Nosler Partition. It is a premium bullet at a near common bullet price. They are accurate in my rifles, and they are a proven Elk killer. You may be able to use the Nosler bullets in the red sabot from the sst too.

Hoping you have a great hunting season!
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I believe the FPB is a bullet that is used without a sabot. Like a powerbelt. Which makes it legal to use in states like Colorado during the muzzleloader season. Other than that I don't know much about it.
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Comparing a sabot bullet and a conical is like comparing a dog and a cat, the conical is the old way with massive hitting power and a rainbow and the sabot is the new way with flat trajectory and the foot pounds of energy developed by high velocity.
The FPB is the most accurate conical in all 3 of my guns and it penetrates and mushrooms well, the SST on the other hand is the most accurate of the sabot bullets except for the new Lehigh, I use it for years and never had a problem have taken deer bear and wild hogs with it, I shoot it at 2000+ feet per second. I believe that there are better bullets for terminal performance such as the Lehigh and the Nosler,partition and for elk I would use a 270 or larger Lehigh.
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Most of the rest or your question has been answered but i would like to add...try the 410gr 50cal Great Plain IF you intend to use it on larger game.

It wouldn't be my first choice but i find them on close out for under $8 fairly often. They are a flat point but still have the HB and "might" work better. They are no longer offered by Hornady but they show up occasionally. My LGS got in several boxes and i bought all of them for $6.95 per 20.

I agree with Ron on the Partition at its current price or for almost any price if i got a chance to hunt elk. It is a far superior bullet and its nearly impossible for it to fail/fragment or fail to expand. IMO the Lehigh 270gr should work well too and they offer sample packs for about $12.

Ive used the 300gr SST on deer with no problems but i was driving them a little harder than your load. I was even using the red low drag sabots but in a semi tight bore. IF i was going to use a SST/FTX on elk it would be the 325gr .458 made for 45/70s. IMO it holds up better than any other SST/FTX ive tested on media.

The FPB is basically a copper plated hollow base conical with a plastic tip. The 350gr MIGHT be ok for cow but on a big bull i would have some concerns about a humane kill if the shot is a bit off.

When hunting my number 1 priority is the most humane kill possible and the price of a box of bullets i need to get it done is insignificant to me. They must be within my accuracy requirements and designed for the job even if the shot is a little off. The Partition is going to be a very hard choice to beat even in the 260gr if the shot is good.

If you're using a Great Plains with a 1-66 twist, i really have no idea what would work best, all of mine have been 1-38 or faster. I prefer faster twist rates for sabots and most conicals. Im assuming you only meant the bullet and they have been fine on deer sized game with about the same load.

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Thanks guys for the information.

I am shooting a Traditions Inline.

My dad is shooting a ml barrel on his shotgun.

The Great Plains WILL NOT go into his bore without MAJOR deformation. We had some SST's and gave them a shot. I am thinking with a 24" barrel, and 90 grains of Select, it should be aroun 1600 FPS. We are not talking lightning fast here.

We may look at other options. The reason I was just curious about comparing it to the FPB, is it looks like the FPB has a thin jacket, but I had not seen the jacket on an SST before, so thats why I asked the question. My concern would be it holding together.

I am shooting the 385 Great Plains, which is what I killed my elk with last year, and I am not changing, lol.

Thanks again,

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i believe i'd just stick with that great plains conical.
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When shooting elk out to 150 yards I can not see where trajectory really comes into play for an elk bullet. Maybe ground squirrels, but not elk.

Personally I like big heavy conicals for elk. Four or five inches above or below the line of sight is no big deal for elk.

Personally I do not pay any attention to twist rate for a conical. Yes the faster the twist the better it SHOULD BE. We all know that. But I have shot alot of conical in 1in66" twist round ball barrels with great hunting results. Maybe not target results, but definitely hunting accuracy.

Have you slugged your dad's barrel to see why the bullets are deforming?? Is it truly undersized??

I would slug that barrel. Then if it is undersized I would order some conicals that are properly sized, or just do it myself.

We have shot alot of the sabots and MZ saboted bullets over the years. And I have seen different results from the same bullet on different deer. We are talking about drastically different velocities with different MZ's and at different distances. So even the best bullets can have problems. And Yes that includes the Barnes and NP bullets.

I do know one thing for sure. A heavy conical will knock the snot out of an elk. Regardless of the velocity. Whether it be at 150 yards or 15 yards a 500 grain bullet is devastating. Even at 700 or 800 fps. So if you are accustom to conicals then I would figure out a way to make them work.

I can not argue with some of the guys with the accuracy they get from their sabots, and bullets. And I have used those myself over the years. But for hunting I have went back to the conicals. And I no longer have to worry about whether the bullet will or wil not do its job. If I can hit it, then say by by with a heavy conical. Tom.
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