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Jacketed Bullets

Old 07-08-2010, 06:48 PM
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Default Jacketed Bullets

Having used sidelocks in the past, I'm now new to inline muzzleloading. My cva kodiak magnum has a 28" barrel with a 1:28" twist.

I'd like to use full bore (50 cal) bullets rather than sabots. Can I use jacketed bullets over 120-150 grains of 777 and expect accuracy? Or should I use Solid lead bullets?

Also, if it matters, i'd like to use 250-270 grain bullets for deer.

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For full bore: Try the Hornady FPB 350gr for a full bore bullet, the Thor is also fairly good but you have to find out what size you need and Thor is overly expensive.
The best sabot combination for deer is the 250 gr Gold Dot with the long Harvester sabot in my guns [different guns with a variation in bore size some times require a different sabot] it works best if you can find an accuracy load between 90 and 110 gr of Blackhorn, Pyrodex or if you are one of the few who don't get crud-ring or enjoy spending your shooting time cleaning 777[clean every shot for reasonable accuracy.
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If you want to use full-bore instead of sabots, I would also recommend the FPB - they have them in a 300 grain version now as well as the 350. The Thors are good bullets as well, but more expensive. Both options will allow you to use heavier powder charges and perform well.

However, I wouldn't use 150 grains of loose 777 - that is a pretty powerful load, not recommended for CVA muzzleloaders. (not to mention it will not the snot out of you with a 300 grain bullet) I wouldn't use more than 120 grains of loose 777 or 150 grains of pellets.

As far as accuracy goes, there's no way to tell until you get out to the range and try some different combinations out.

Powerbelts are another full-bore option to use, but I would only use them with light to medium powder charges - they have a bad reputation for fragmenting at magnum powder charges....
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Please do not use over 120 gr of 777 or Blackhorn 209 in that gun as more will be an over pressure load that could be devastating.
A 150 gr load of most powders is so far past max efficient load that mostly while adding to the recoil and pressure because of the weight of the powder you gain very little velocity. The most feet per second per grain of powder is usually found around 85 or 90 grains volume, reasonable efficiency is still found up to 120 grains but most of the accuracy loads are found between 90 and 110.
My personal method is to pick out several bullets I consider suitable and shoot groups with them on separate targets, one group per target and save the targets.
Then do the same at 100 and 110; them if any are constantly improving with more powder I consider using 120 for some groups. When I find a load I like I try 5 grains either way. I set two standards, one for hunting and one for target and competition shooting. I usually try the 40 caliber bullets 200gr Leigh and 200gr Shock Wave and the FPB in one batch [the 50/40 is for long range the FPB for states where sabots are not allowed; the next batch is the 250 gr bullets starting with the Gold Dot the Shock Wave and the 250 Lehigh. If I am planning a hunt for elk, moose or big bear then I also shoot the 300gr Gold Dot, Shock Wave bonded and several of the Lehigh bullets starting with the 270 gr group and working up to see what the gun likes. Having a plan and saving the targets so you can do side by side comparison is very helpful.

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I had basically the same gun and never needed to go over 100grs and with conicals (full bores) 80-90grs was plenty.

CVA does NOT recommend over 100gr of loose powder also. I shot mine a few times with 110gr but i used mostly 250gr or less bullets with sabots.

90-100grs and a 250gr GoldDot or Barnes Expander MZ shot good without beating you to death.
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I would recommend the FPB also. Either 300 or 350, that's up to you and your gun. I shoot the 350 with 100 gr loose Pyrodex out of my Genesis with good accuracy. If you find they are difficult to start in your gun, presize them. Remove your breechplug, insert them nose first into the breech and push them through the bore. You can then start them with finger pressure.
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your kodiak may have the tighter .498" barrel no the Thor is out. The FPB may be sure hard to load in that barrel as well.

385GR Hornady great plains, powerbelts, tc maxiballs , tc maxi hunters, those are all good choices.
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I use the Hornaday FPB bullet in my Knight Vision with BH 209 powder and am very happy with the results.

However, I have a sidelock Hawkens Carbine with a 1 in 24" twist and shoot Barnes Expanders sabots in it and have harvested some nice meat with it.

Here is baby:

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