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.54 meat buck

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Default .54 meat buck

Well I passed up a lot of 140+ class bucks with a modern rifle so I could take any one with my TC Renegade.This little 3x3 was taken at 95 yards with a .530 homecast ball and a 1-70 GMT barrel.Load was .018 patch and 100gr of FFG.Took out the heart and a rib either side .Complete pass through.Never gave any sign of being hit ,never bled a drop and ran 60 yards before expiring........My thumb could be poked through the hole in the heart.......................Funny as hell when the wind switched upon firing inside my son's dome tent blind.A hundred grains of black powder entered the tent like a teargas cannister had been thrown in.................nice...........Harold ....Couldn't carry the .54 on my moose/elk trip up north because of too many grizzly sightings.I did shoot a black wolf and a big cow moose with my 9.3x62 though ,,,,,,pics in big game hunting section

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Congrats on your buck with traditional black powder!
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Congrats on a fine looking deer, some good eating there.
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Sounds like a fun hunt! Congrats on the buck!
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Congrats! at ya!

Good reading
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Gratz to ya. The 54 is nasty for sure.
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Congrats! HE will be some fine eating.
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That's the way to break their heart... nice shooting. That is a nice big buck there. Way to go!!!
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congrats nice one
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Default Cayugad

They get a lot bigger here than the meat WT I shot.I pushed out the top buck for my hunting partner 1/2 hr after mine and my son's 4X4 was shot same week .Dressed out an even 200lbs and 32" around the rutted neck at the base of the skull.WT's have gone over 300lbs in Alberta dressed..........................Harold
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