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First ML Kills

Old 11-23-2009, 12:38 PM
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Default First ML Kills

Hey guys, I just wanted to tell you all thank you for the advice you all shared and that your input definitely contributed to these first two muzzleloader kills of mine.

I made some changes to my set up and my TC Omega is an absolute tackdriver now. I was using 150 grains of Pyrodex and that was causing me all kinds of accuracy troubles. Somebody suggested that I give Blackhorn 209 a try and I did. I bought a container of it and I got a powder measure and I started experimenting with different charges until I found that exactly 100 grains with a 250 gr Shockwave with the regular black sabot is the load for my gun. It will now hold a 1.5" group at 100 yards. I have as much confidence in it as any of my centerfire rifles.

Anyway, now the hunting part...

I was set up on the ground on the edge of a field that some does have been running through lately. The does came out on schedule at about 7:30 last Thursday morning. I let them feed a while and they moved on. About 15 minutes after they cleared out this guy came busting out from the other side of the field - nose to the ground and elbows arched. He was on a beeline straight for a scrape that was about 20 yards to my left. I saw him coming and my heart started thumping. He got to about 60 yards and I set the hammer. He must have heard the hammer click, cause he stopped and looked up. Then I sent 250 grains of love his way and connected right in the base of his neck! He dropped on the spot and was stone dead before he hit the ground. He is my first muzzleloader buck and I am absolutely tickled with him. He may not be a monster by some of yall's standards, but this is the biggest buck that has ever been killed on our property .

The following Sunday I was sitting out in the same field and no deer were moving. The temp had risen and I guess they were just laying low. I looked out and I saw this yote nosing along the field edge and he was making his way toward one of the doe bedding areas. He came a few more steps and I made a little sqeak noise and he looked up. I shot him ay 110 yards, which I thought was pretty good for my second hunting shot with my ML. Just like the buck, this coyote dropped in his tracks.

Overall, I love muzzleloading and I couldn't be happier with how my ML season turned out.

Thanks again guys...sorry about the HUGE picture size
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Nice kills! There's just something about dropping an animal with a ML that's not quite like a centerfire
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Excellent Crowkilla. Congratulations. That's a bragging buck for sure.
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Congrat's on your fine Buck! and way to put the Smack Down on that Damn Yote!
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Really nice buck.Congratulations.
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Xcellent shootin there dude!!!
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congrats good shooting
thats a real nice buck
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Congratulations! Nice buck, I love the "wave" in the rack. With DRT shots, the bullet did its job, but let us know some details about the entrance hole and bullet expansion. Again, Congratulations!!!
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Nice shooting!!
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Thanks a lot guys! I'm still excited about this guys and I'm glad yall can enjoy it with me. The processor called yesterday and said the meat is ready, which is just in time to take to the duck blind this weekend!

Originally Posted by Kathwacckkk View Post
Congratulations! Nice buck, I love the "wave" in the rack. With DRT shots, the bullet did its job, but let us know some details about the entrance hole and bullet expansion. Again, Congratulations!!!
Kathwacckkk, I'm sorry I don't have more details than what i am about to share, but I'll fill in where I can...

The deer came off a nose-to-the-ground-trot at approximately 60 yards from my spot and he was quartering to me, so a broadside vitals shot was not possible. Therefore, I shot him low in the neck. The bullet entered the low left side of the neck and traveled through the left lung and entered the liver and did not exit. I dressed him and could pretty much trace the bullet path by the damage to the organs, which were pretty much liquified. However I could not find the bullet. I looked and looked and even sifted through the lungs and liver to see if I could feel it in there, but I could not. I was really wanting to see the bullet, but it looks like I'll have to wait till next time.

The coyote on the other hand was a clean pass through (pardon the bow hunting lingo ). The bullet entered just behind the right shoulder, blew out the upper ribs, nicked the lower edge of the spine, and exited behind/above the left shoulder. I have attached a picture. I was well pleased with the exit hole on the yote as it is a much smaller animal. The picture doesn't do it justice though. I think some hair may have closed around the upper edge of the hole. I could fit three fingers in the hole and I could see a good 4 inches into the animal. I was thinking that if I could get this kind of bullet expansion on an animal that is only 10 inches wide, then the damage the SW would inflict on the organs to a larger framed animal such as a deer would be incredible. So I'm sticking with the 250 gr Shockwaves with regular black sabots, 100 gr of Blackhorn 209.

Last weekend the regular gun season opened in Tennessee. I shot a doe with my .25-06 for some folks in my neighborhood. I shot the doe at 35 yards and all I could think about was, "Why didn't I bring the Omega?"
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