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Triumph update.

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Default Triumph update.

I went out this morning. GOd i love this gun. I setup 50 yards first was low to the right the second shot was low to the left slightly. I knew it need to be moved up so i did. I left the right ot left as they went on both sides. Hit the 50 yard target two more times the third shot was to the left but dead center for hieght. The fourth shot was alittle right almost deadcenter for hieght.

Now here is where it gets odd. I knocked it back to 100. First shot was low inch to the right. Second shot was high by 4 or 5 inchs to the right two inchs. The third shot was nearly dead center perfect. maybe off by 1.2 inch to the left. The fourth shot was high to the left by 6 inchs high 3 to the left. I think it was me not the gun. Guess we will see friday. Seems like it is real close. The 50 yard group was about 2 inchs to 2 1/2 2 which made me happey as it was about the 5th to 9th time i shot the thing. I have 15 or 16 rounds through it now. I think i am good to go for saturday my plan is hit the range again friday and run another 8 to 10 shots through it. Hopefully start getting some reall good groups. Seems it likes the 125 grains 777 and the shockwave 250. It also seems it is getting alittle easier to load aswell. Had two guys come over and look at it at the range.
The guy who was there monday with a knight talking about how good it was came back and had bought a 44 mag pistol rifle. Said he wanted alittle longer range. I told him within a week or so i would be good to go out to 250. he looked at me trying to pick his mouth up of the ground.
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Originally Posted by bigtim6656 View Post
The 50 yard group was about 2 inchs to 2 1/2 2 which made me happey as it was about the 5th to 9th time i shot the thing.

Remember your thread last night about calling TC about the finish....

I take my answer back (and I appologise by the way... it kinda sounded rude the way I worded it)....

If that is all that gun will do at 50 yards Tim.... I'd send it straight back.... you won't hardly be able to take a responsible shot at a deer at 100 yards.... forget about 250.... your group would be the size of a hula-hoop.

I've got an old knight that shoots 1" groups at 50 yards and 6" groups at 100 yards.... tried a little of everything in that gun..... its just not a shooter.... I'd mix it up a bit and find what that baby will shoot.
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naaaah just play with loads. IMO sabots are a bigger pain in the butt because you have to find the correct sabot that the barrel likes.
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I agree with MD54 - Play with the loads, bullets, sabots until you find the perfect combination for your rifle. If your scope is mounted correctly, all screws tight (don't over tighten) that rifle should easily shoot within an inch at 50 yds. At 100 yds. everything is magnified by either your mistakes or the load combo.
Also, make sure you are not resting the barrel on the rest. Only the forearm. Not sure what you are doing - just an idea.
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Yikes, hopefully it was just you Time to play with loads if your groups are dancing around that much.
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I really think your pushing that rifle too hard. 125 grains of 777 powder is a magnum load. Next time you go to the range, try 100 or 110 grains of 777 and the same bullet. See what happens. I am wondering if because of the large powder charge, your getting some uneven pressures when you shoot which is what is causing some to go high, some low, etc.

Magnum loads look great in adds when they sell rifles. But you take most of the shooting we do, a 100 grains is more then plenty power, better accuracy, and more kind to the shooter. Are you flinching at all? Are you shooting a scope? Just try 100 grains and see what happens and report back to us.
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Cayugad is close as usual. For some internal ballistic reason Triumphs seem to draw the line at 120 gr of 777 with Shock Waves, you might be able to go higher with Blackhorn but proably not it. Best way is to start low 90 gr will do, then after a number of groups say 4 try 100 the same way, you will end up between 100 and 120 with most Triumph's but while they are one of the most if not the most accurate muzzleloaders they do get erratic if you put in more powder than they like; 10 gr to much and almost any muzzleloader will. The kind of powder makes a difference in that to.
After you have 50 to 100 shots through it and the barrel starts to get a polish it will group better. Personally I use something like the FPB from Hornady to break them in as that works a lot faster. Normally I would expect better even at first. Your bullet+sabot diameter is very important it should require both hands to push the combination down but never be so tight that you need to pound on it.A very solid rest with sand bags frount and back can tell you what the gun is doing anything less introduces to much human error.

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I'm prolly the last person on here you should listen to about correct loads and charges with a ML, but I thought I'd chime in to tell you that my Omega was throwing up those same wild ass groups when I was packing it with too much powder.

My background as a hunter is in archery, centerfire, and shotguns where magnum loads and high velocities are - at least a lot of the time - good things. So when I got a ML I started read through the ballistics guides and I saw that the magnum charge is 120 - 150 grains, so naturally I thought that I what I needed to be using. I got on here and found out that I was WRONG. So now I have a new container of Blackhorn 209 to try out so that I can determine the precise charge that works best out of my Omega.

I just wanted to tell you that since it kind of sounds like you may packing your loads a little on the hot side and getting some unsatisfactory results like I was.

Hope it all works out bud.
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The Triumph is hold sensitive if that makes any sense. It's very light and requires a firm steady hold.
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I agree with cayugad. That is a little much powder. like he said most of us think 100 grains is enough. So just play with the loads and hopefully you'll get lucky and find the reight one before you break your shoulder
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