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BH 209 Help please...

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BH 209 Help please...

Old 11-12-2008, 06:51 AM
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Default BH 209 Help please...

Hey guys...i read this forum everyday and have been helped many times with all the posts here. I enjoy getting online and coming here to read the new posts everyday.

Here is my question...i am shooting a Long Range Hunter with 120 gr of BH209 shooting a 300gr harvester scorpion gold. I seem to get a slight hang fire, and i cannot figure out why...i was using the winchester 209 primers,,,then i switched to the CCI 209M primers and those seemed to be better..but i still get a slight hang fire..any help would be appreciated, should i drill out my breech plug slightly?

I have had good success with this combination my 100 yd group is 3 shots touching 1 1/2 inches high dead center...accuracy is awesome even with the hang fire...

Any help would be awesome...thanks guys and good luck in the woods!!!

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Old 11-12-2008, 07:44 AM
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Default RE: BH 209 Help please...

I had the same problem with my DISC and Win209. To fix it:

First you need to have the concave breech plug.

Second, drill the flash hole to .040''. From the company it should be approx 0.033''. Also let say every 20 shots, clean the flash hole.

I had these advices from the Ing. who developted the BH209 and that fixed the problem.

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Old 11-12-2008, 08:36 AM
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Default RE: BH 209 Help please...


I have a MHC gun something akin to to the LRH and really enjoy it. I have shot BH from and it will shoot it very well.

Which breech plug are you using? If you are using the standard concave breech plug that should work very well for you. I would NOT suggest drilling it out. If you are using the convex or the power stem they will lead to hang fires.

Which ignition system? FPJ or NFPJ - both will work although some really prefer the NFPJ. I am using th FPJ and I do not find a problem with it at all - IF your primer jackets are in good shape. If you are re-using the primer jackets you are going to have pay close attention to the leakage you may be getting.

Primers - I have used and I am still using CCI-209M primers and they are working for me. I also recently bought some Federal 209A to try as again some folks were suggesting they were getting better ignition with them.

This may be what is causing your slight hang-fires.... How snug are the sabots going down the bore? and are you seating the load tightly on the powder each time? Either one of these to items can cause the slight hang fire. BH is a smokeless, progessive buring powder (not a Nitro powder) but it requires compression to maintain ignition.

My suggestions to try would be.

1. Make sure you have the correct ignition sytem in your gun and the BP flash channel is clean.
2. Proper fitting sabots - they must be snug
3. Seat the load on the powder - then compress the load onto the powder.

I have not shot Harvester sabots in my MHC so I can not tell you about them and their fit. I have only used MMP HPH-24's and their Orange .457-.458/50 cal sabot.

Hope some of this helps...
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Old 11-12-2008, 09:13 AM
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Default RE: BH 209 Help please...

I actually have two LRH and it is doing the same in both guns....i am using the breech plug that came with the gun, i will check and see which one it is...i did notice that the harder i seated the bullet over the powder, the better the ignition, that may be it... As for tightness..there is a difference between the two guns..one of them is harder to get the bullet down the barrel then the other, but nothing extremely different, they both are patterning 3 shots touching at 100 yards...I will look and see what breech plug i have and make sure its free of debris.

Thanks again all..
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Old 11-12-2008, 03:25 PM
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Default RE: BH 209 Help please...

I would also suggest trying the Rem STS 209 primers. Very good ignition and little fouling.
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