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working up new deer loads.

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Default working up new deer loads.

I was working up some new loads for the Renegade with the stainless steel Green Mountain fast twist barrel 1:28 rate. The barrel has the Thompson Center 1x scope on it. I was going to try Goex 2f and Triple Se7en 2f for powders. I wanted to shoot some Hornady XTP 300 grain .430 diameter in Harvester Crushed Rib sabots. I also wanted to shoot some 375 grain Buffalo Bullet SSB's. I had purchased some Remington 40% hotter, #11 caps to give a fair try to again.

The range session did not start well at all. I swabbed the barrel as normal and popped three Remington #11 caps through the gun. I loaded 100 grains of Goex 2f and the Hornady 300 grain .430 XTP. I had the orange card set up at 50 yards. Pulled the trigger and nothing happened. Recapped, pulled the trigger the cap fired but the rifle did not. So I took a nipple pick and picked it clean of something these caps throw into the nipple. Then I put a grain of Goex right down the nose of the nipple and capped it again. This time there was a hang fire but the rifle fired. So with pure isopropyl alcohol I swabbed the barrel, ran two dry patches, popped a cap. And then loaded again.

This time I fired and it went off perfect. Perhaps the pure alcohol swab helped... who knows. So I loaded for the third shot and it fired fine again. Seeing the rifle was hitting approximately 2 inches high, I changed my POA and shot the rest of them. I had three misfires in the rest of the with the Remington caps. I did note that as I shot, the rifle was getting more and more dirty using the Goex. I could feel it as I swabbed with the pure alcohol patches.

Over all I was very pleased with the accuracy and the power of the load. It would make an excellent deer load I decided. Especially when you consider this is about as far as I would have to shoot.

I then took some Rusty Duck and swabbed the barrel clean. I also took an alcohol patch and swabbed the barrel. Then I took three dry patches and swabbed the barrel. Now I decided to change out cards and loads.

So I loaded 100 grains of Triple Se7en 2f and a Buffalo Bullet SSB. I capped it with a Remington cap and the cap fired but the charge did not. So I tried three more caps and could not get the thing to go off. So I took some Goex and put that down the nose of the nipple and capped it. This time there was a slight delay but it fired. I actually fired three rounds before I swabbed. For some reason the Triple Se7en was not making a crud ring of any type, and the projectiles loaded perfect. After the third shot I decided to swab with a little Rusty Duck. After that I ran five dry patches down the rifle. I also popped two Remington Caps. I loaded and ... it did not fire.

This time instead of messing around with these Remington Caps, I got out my Dynamite Nobel RWS 1075+ caps. I capped the rifle and it fired fine. I then shot the rest of those shots with a slight adjustment in my POA and they shot perfect and grouped very well for a 1x scope set up.

Over all I am impressed with the rifle, the loads, and the accuracy. I am not impressed with the Remington Caps. I bought them for my Bison Rifle but since I changed nipples on that I have not needed them anymore.

I think I might hunt with the Buffalo Bullet SSB bullets and the Triple Se7en powder, but I am going to primer the bolster when hunting. I am not taking any chances, I will be using my RWS caps as well.
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Default RE: working up new deer loads.

Dynamite Nobel RWS 1075+I think ae the best number #11 out there I only have one problem with them the gun shop who sells them are out of stock.I have about 25 caps left and keep them for hunting only.I found CCI mag caps work good at the range I never ran into one that misfired on me.I was at bass pro last spring and did purchase a tin of remington caps but they are still un-open.
I found the alcohol patches are what I use in my flinters remember in a flinter there is no way to snap a few caps to remove the oil from the vent liner or barrel.I also use a breech plug scraper in my flinter with the same patch.I find there is a well under the vent liner and the jag is not tapered to go that far.I also do not use any greese on the vent liner all is cleaned with a q tip and ressemblied dry.I am not worried about th vnt liner getting stuck because it will be only one shot when hunting.
I think you must have a little black book with your loads written down I only have 3 m/l 2 flinters and 1 inline easy to remember my loads but with 24 or more m/l I think you can't remember them all.
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Default RE: working up new deer loads.

The SSB and the 777 looks like a very good group. Expecially numbers 4 to 8. Good shooting.
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