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Which type

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Default Which type

Ok Im just curious as to what type of muzzleloader and powder everyone shoots. I myself shoot a Thompson Center Hawkin 50 calibur. I also use blackpowder. I only use iron sights. Just curious... Arrowmaster
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Default RE: Which type

I have two custom made flintlocks, a .40 caliber and a .54...These require real blackpowder...

I also own a Knight Disc, with a Leupold 3x9x40...I have used Pyrodex R-S as I got it on sale, but also use
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Default RE: Which type

I shoot several different sidehammers and several different inlines

When I can and when it is legal - I shoot sabots in both the inlines and the sidehammers... If I am not shoot a sabot, I am shooting either a 400 grain or 460 grain Bull Shop conical - they are slip fit - no short starter needed

I shoot triple 7, 2f in the inlines and 3f in the sidehammers, IMO it is cleaner, less prone to moisture than some others, and really easy to clean...and of course a lot less corrosive than real BP...

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Default RE: Which type

A few sidlocks, a couple pivot hammers, a couple C&B revolvers and a whole bunch a in-lines. No scopes (state F&G rules).
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Default RE: Which type

I have several traditional rifles and several inline rilfes. I shoot about any kind of powder or projectile you can think of. Each rifle is different as to its likes and dislikes. Also the amount of powder will vary from projectile to projectile in rifle to rifle..
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Default RE: Which type

Triple Seven mostly, pyrodex when nothing else is availble.
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Default RE: Which type

My first muzzleloader wasa mule ear lock rifle andthat's still my sentimental favorite. I also have an short little underhammer, some sidelocks, and inlines include a Traditions shotgun & a .54Lyman Cougar. Both inlineshave the older plunger actions with a springpowered boltthat usethe #11 cap.
I mostly plink with PRB's and load with several different substitute powders:
Usually Pyrodex for PRB/shotgun shooting,777when shooting the smaller.36 caliber, and Clean Shot/APP fffgwhen hunting withthe scopedLyman.
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Default RE: Which type

I have an assortment of rifles and shotguns (both sidelock & inline) and a pistol and revolver for days when I'm too lazy to carry a long gun.
Probably the most used are my T/C NewEnglanders (.50 rifle & 12ga shotgun).
I shoot ball, conical, orsabots, (and of course shot in the shotguns).
Powders on hand at the moment include Goex (ffg, fffg, & ffffg (in case I find a good flintlock that follows me home)), APP-JSG, triple se7en, and Pyrodex. I keep an assortment of #10, 11, & musket caps on hand with some 209 primers to ignite the powder (plus a handfull of flints in case a good flintlock follows me home).
Unfortunately I don't own a good .62 smoothbore fowler or a good underhammer at the moment, so I'm still shopping to fill those voids.
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Default RE: Which type

I'm shooting a CVA Wolf I bought the first of the year. Using 100gr Pyrodex pellets and Knight Red Hot Sabots 250gr. Topped off with a Nikon Pro Staff scope. I'm hooked, got the itch and lookin real hard at the TC Omega's.
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Default RE: Which type

winchester x-150 with either pyrodex rs or triple 7
deer creek northwest rifle in .45 with triple 7
cva mountain rifle .54 flintlock, triple 7 right now until i can buy some goex.

Hope to buy a few more mountain rifles later on.
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