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Default Flintlocks

What is there to know about shooting a flinter? I know how it works and all of that but here is what I know:

You use FFFFG powder
you need a good flint
pick the touch hole after each shot
they are fun!

I know how the whole thing works and I read about it in my TC booklet. So what tools do you need for a flinter? Some day I would like to get into flintlocks.
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Default RE: Flintlocks

You really don't need to pic the vent after every shot. The FFFF is just for prime. Keep the frizzen and pan clean of fowling for best ignition. I just use basic tools I already own with mine.
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Default RE: Flintlocks

The flintlock is really more more complicated then a cap lock if you have all the parts right. Also my Lyman Trade Rifle with a sharp flint is every bit as fast as a percussion cap rifle for ignition. At least I'd hate to live on the difference.

The main thing is keep the flint knapped and sharp. Once that flint gets dull the problems start to begin. My problem is I have no skills when it comes to knapping. I have to get out the dremel tool with a mizzy wheel and edge it that way. It works mind you just not very traditional. If I have a new flint in the rifle it is good for about 25 shots and sometimes more. Then you have to knapp a little.

Also flintlocks.. use black powder. All the hype about these other powders will work in a flintlock.. yes they will. You might have to duplex the load with black powder and as for synthetic powders in the pan.. well good luck getting it to fire and when it does you better have nerves of steel for the hang time.

In fact I looked at a T/C Firestorm today. Then told myself I did not need another rifle. I bought a couple tins of caps and left the sporting good store quickly.
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Default RE: Flintlocks

Cayugad: I told myself I didn't need another rifle three rifles ago. I now have five and one kit that isn't finished since I don't have any time these days. I need to be three people so that two of me could go out and play. (That is five muzzleloaders; I would have to go count the others since I don't have a quick number to quote).
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Default RE: Flintlocks

I stopped counting rifles a couple dozen ago...
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Default RE: Flintlocks

flintlocks are a blast......and to me very addicting...i dont shoot half as much as some of these guys....but i dont have the time or easy place to shoot...and only own one flinter....only BP gun i own or ever fired REALLY dont need anything too special...a pan charger to throw powder in the pan...and all the basic tools you need for any other BP gun....the TC manual is a very good one i feel....thats basically how i learned....and on here(mainly cayugad!) and i had a guy i know take me out and show me the ropes....he just taught me to do what the manual said to do basically...since then i picked up my own techniques and all....a GOOD lock is important....and a good frizzen and a good sharp flint.....i cant knap a flint to save my life..i can break off a few pieces sometimes and get a few extra shots..but i have a jar full of dull when i learn to knapp ill be good to go on flints for the rest of my time lol...when shooting you gota keep it all clean and dry...i soak patches in rubbing alcohol and wipe it all down...when hunting i do it from time to time..and sweep the pan pretty often....that guy that took me shooting the firt time gave me atleast a half pound of i dont mind dumping it....guys say its hard to find around here...i watch some of them dump it back in there powder container.....not me...i want to know my guns going to go boom when i pull the trigger....the guys in my group think im nuts always cleaning it..dumping priming charges...unloading daily..but i want to make sure it goes bang....and mine always does.....i cant wait till im outa college and i can build a big smoothbore for turkeys n such critters....that would be absolutely AWESOME...big ole cloud of smoke on a warm spring morning and a big ole gobbler on the ground...and flintlocks can be every bit as accurate as any other BP rifle....i killed a groundhog at 45yds....havent got a deer with it yet....i cant wait to shoot here soon...i just got glasses and contacts..ill beable to SEE MY SIGHTS! lol...before it was all a blurr..i have a BAD astigmatism and finally got it corrected...i should be in good shape.....any questions post away.....alot of good help here....
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Default RE: Flintlocks

sharp...I have shot flintlocks since 1977....I don't even own a percussion...remember flintlocks were in common use for over 200 years, longer than any other ignition system...First, you can load and prime with FFF...I have used FFFF to prime, but it is not necessary...Second, stick with a great lock....I prefer a Siler (Chambers) etc...Third, use English black flints...knapping is easy, take a finishing nail, grind off the point and use a little brass hammer to flake off the leading edge, while moving the nail along the edge, or you can just put the cock at half cock and lightly tap the leading edge with the hammer, while holding your finger under the flint....

I never had problems with making a flinter work, when I got started I didn't know anybody that owned a flinter, first trip to range and I was shooting 1 1/2 inch groups at 50 yards...If your prime is dry, flint sharp, touch hole coned and open, main charge dry the gun will fire, its just that simple....

You do need to realize that a flint lock will fire without prime....Don't check the sparking of the lock with a charge down the barrel....
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Default RE: Flintlocks

You do need to realize that a flint lock will fire without prime....
Amen! Don't think it won't! I agree, good locks are a must. A mediocre percussion lock will work most of the time, a mediocre flintlock will drive you crazy. Jim Chambers locks are my favorite.

Some old timers loded their flinters with a quilll or feather stuck in the vent hole. This supposedly kept a cone shaped void in the powder charge for faster ignition. Don't know if this works or not. I haven't seen any improvment by doing that. I do use a wooden pick in the vent when stand hunting, especially when the humidity is up. Stick the pick in the vent and close the frizzen, protects it and holds it in place. Simple matter to pull it out and fresh prime when ready to shoot. Definately makes ignition faster and more sure under damp conditions.
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Default RE: Flintlocks

/sigh, wish I was able to comment on this earlier.

Sharp: I have been shooting a flintlock for a few months now. There is bit of a learning curve in getting it to fire consistently. However once over that, flintlocks are a lot of fun.

One warning though: be prepared for a lot of attention at the range. Guys have seen percussion weapons so those are not a big deal. But flintlocks? Never. I have had strangers/on-lookers stand right beside me while loading and shooting. If you are prepared for it and can take the questions/attention in stride, it is not too big a deal.

Best of luck.
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Default RE: Flintlocks

next time maybe one of them will stand to close to the touch hole liner side and learn another important lesson about flintlocks.. fire comes out that hole! Like RobertSubnet was saying, people sure seem fascinated by the rock locks. You can almost see them hold their breath when you are about to shoot...
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Quick Reply: Flintlocks

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