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Default Buckwacka

Hey fellas, do any of you shoot a MDM Buckwacka 50 cal, if so, how does it shoot ?what do you shoot in yours accurately ? Mine sucks, could not hit a barn if i was standing inside of it.........and no, im not the problem, i have had other people shoot it, with the same redsults......thanks
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Default RE: Buckwacka

I have the stainless Quicshooter which is less costly. It is my favorite muzzleloader besides my Renegade and FireHawk. I shoot 100 grains of APP with a Thompson Cheapshot sabots( 20 for 3.99 at Cabelas). Did a quick sight in in 2005 before season and had a 2.5x7 pineridge scope on it. I put 3 shots in 1 3/4" at 35 yards. The hornady 250 gr. sst shot in same group. I killed a large doe deer with cheap shots on the last day at 15 yards. She went about 40 yards. It also shot the 405 grain powerbelt hollowpoint all lead bullets well with open sights at 35 yards. I put three in about 2.5 inches at that distance. I couldnt see very well though through the peep sight they put on the Quicshooter. I didnt try them with a scope. I got these groups when I cleaned the barrel after every shot with wonder lube 1000 plus patches then a dry patch. I believe these rifles do have a faster twist than most .50 calibers. You might try something longer in bullets and make sure you clean it between shots. Powder type and charge may be the problem also. I hope this helps.
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Default RE: Buckwacka

Kerndog.. Welcome to the forum.

You did not mention what kind of projectiles you tried or the kind of powder you are using. When I have no idea what a rifle will shoot, and it has a 1-28 twist I usually start with 85 grains of 2f powder, whether it is Pyrodex, Triple Se7en, of Goex. I shoot loose powder. Then on that charge,I load a 240 grain T/C Cheap Shot or a 240 grain T/C Mag Express XTP. Normally those will shoot well out of most rifles.

If those do not work then I look at the 300 grain XTP and keep the same powder charge. Again, I start at 85 grains and work the powder charge up from there. With your rifle I would keep the loads at 100 grains of loose powder or less.

When sabots do not work then I look at maxiball or 245 grain Powerbelts. I do not have your rifle. I am just telling you where I would look. Whether it will work for you I have no idea.
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Default buckwacka great muzzloader

I have shot a buckwacka for about five years. This is a great gun, with excellent accuracy. I shoot 100 grains of powder with a 45 cal. Saboted pistol bullet. I believe it is 245 grain bullet. I have shot a dozen or so deer with it. It's sighted in at 150 yards. I have not lost a deer since starting shooting with this gun. I use a number 7 shotgun primer instead of the 9. Just gong that has increased my accuracy greatly. I have shot deer as close as 100 yards all the way out to 320 yards. I love this gun. The reason i can make these kinds of shots is the fact I practice shooting a lot and know my gun inside and out. Certain. Bullets like to tumble so make sure u paper test your shots to fine tune ur bullet flight. Over all I like this gun more than any other deer gun I own. Good luck and ensure u practice, practice and practice know your gun. Always run a wad down the barrel every three rounds to clean up ur rifling for best results. Happy hunting
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A 6 year old post resurrected and then answered by someone who just joined today using the name of the gun in the post as their screen name sure seems like an alias to me. Must be someone who thinks if they get banned then they can post under their alias . Am I the only one who thought this?
Then of course their post is a direct contradiction of the OP's post
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