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Default Who has the best homemade cleaning solvent recipe?

Just wondering who might have the best home brew recipe for a cleaning solvent. I have read of some different combinations from time to time but never all in one post at one time. Anyone have something true blue that can be made at home that works as good as TC #13, etc??????
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Default RE: Who has the best homemade cleaning solvent recipe?

Encore50.. not meaning to insult a product, but TC #13 is a fowling remover and that's about all. Thompson Center pushes their natural products but #13 will not remove copper, lead or plastic fowling at all. It is all right for swabbing a barrel at the end of the day in my book.

Some homemade cleaners I personally use is a cleaner called Simple Green. It will really cut fowling excellent.

I also use isopropyl alcohol and windshield washer fluid mixed.

Brake Cleaner will work in the barrel but do not get it on the stock of the rifle.

Simple water with a little dish soap will cut the fowling out of the barrel.

M.A.P. which is a mixture of Murphy's oil soap, alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide. Just be sure to oil the barrel after use because of the peroxide in the solution. It does cut hard to remove fowling.

Kerosene will remove plastic fowling, but again.. don't get any of it on your stock or plastic sights.
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Default RE: Who has the best homemade cleaning solvent recipe?


Then a patch of Brake-Free CLP
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Default RE: Who has the best homemade cleaning solvent recipe?

Another product recommended to me by someone on this board that I just had a chance to try is Goof Off. I paid $3.75 for a 4.5 oz can at Builders Square. I comes in a metal can and is great for removing plastic sabot crud out of barrels. Just use it outside in the backyard or garage because it's a real stinker.

Like Cayugad's warnings, be careful when using Goog Off near plastic stocks or fiber optics or you'll be eatin' away the good stuff!!
-Hunter John
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Default RE: Who has the best homemade cleaning solvent recipe?

I bought some gel a while back called Blue Wonder---and it really does a number on a dirty barrel.
Butch's Bore Shine and Knight Bore Cleaner are also good, but the Blue Wonder is the best I've used so far.
In the field I use 50/50 windshield/alcohol solution to clean the barrel between shots.

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Default RE: Who has the best homemade cleaning solvent recipe?

Hey Encore50 here's what I've been using on all my BP rifles sidelocks and inline. All I know is that is works quite well and have never had any problems with the solution. It's a varation on what they call moose milk. I use Ballistol for the water soluble oil.

Water Soluble Oil 3 oz. (6 Tbl.) (1/2 batch 3 Tbl.)
Murphy"s Oil Soap 1 oz. (2 Tbl.) (1/2 batch 1 Tbl.)
Witch Hazel 4 oz. (8 Tbl.) (1/2 batch 4 Tbl.)
Isopropyl Alcohol (91%) 8 oz. (1 Cup) (1/2 batch ½ Cup)
Water (non-chlorinated) 16 oz. (2 Cups) (1/2 batch 1 Cup)

Hope this helps.
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Finadidct, CO
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