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thumbhole stock

Old 06-24-2005, 08:28 PM
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Default thumbhole stock

I just got a cabela's catalog and saw thumbhole stocks for the Omega. I've handled an omega with one in the store and liked the way it felt. (BTW, my omega has a synthetic stock, the only one sold with thumbhole when I bought mine was laminated so that's why I didn't buy it from the get go.) To all of you who use or have used thumbhole stocks what do you think of them, good and bad?
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Default RE: thumbhole stock

I don't own a ML with a thumbhole , but I've shot a few to see what the fuss was about . To be honest , most of them were not to my own liking . I sampled synthetic and laminated , and the synthetic was only slightly better . The laminated stock was cumbersome and heavy , which might help with magnum loads recoil , but I don't shoot those loads due to powder waste . The synthetic stock was lighter but still a bit "chunky" in the hand feel for my taste .
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Default RE: thumbhole stock

I'm nota fan of thumbhole stocks. I just don't like the way they feel.
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Old 06-25-2005, 08:03 AM
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Default RE: thumbhole stock

I LOVE THEM!! I personally traded in my standard stock omega for the new synthetic stock thumbhole Omega. The feel is awesome!! I think when shooting off-hand it seems alot more soild. Just throwing it up is a dream. Try one out for yourself and see if it fits. I bet you'll like it. GOOD LUCK
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Old 06-25-2005, 11:29 AM
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Default RE: thumbhole stock

I liked the laminated thumbhole stock on my new Omega until I realized you can't cock the hammer very well with that chunk of wood between your thumb and the hammer. I sold it and bought a regular camo stainless gun.
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Default RE: thumbhole stock

I bought a laminated omega with the thumbhole stock this spring and I like it. I found it took a little getting used to but its comfortable to shoot and as previously mentioned it seemsmore solid when shot off hand. I haven't had a problemwith cockingthe hammer but I have heard others mention that they found it troublesome, the best thing I could suggest is find someway to try one out before you buy. But as far as I'm concerned I would recommend it!
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Default RE: thumbhole stock

Thumbhole stocks are now a reqirement for any gun I buy. If it doesn't have one, I'm not buying. I just plain love em.
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Default RE: thumbhole stock

I have a Knight Wolverine with a thumbhole stock, I really like it.
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Default RE: thumbhole stock

I also love them.I have one on my Buckhunter in-line and to me it is much more solid especially offhand.It comes to point naturally and fits perfectly..but like just about everything else it comes down to personnal preferance...there simply is no right or wrong answer.
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Default RE: thumbhole stock

They might be ok for target or varmint shootin' but try and imagine defending yore butt with a rifle wearin' one.
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Quick Reply: thumbhole stock

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