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Harvesting Bison?

Old 01-25-2005, 12:22 PM
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Default Harvesting Bison?

A friend of my father recently asked if i would be interested in hunting buffalo on his 1000+ acre ranch in middle park colorado. Its not per say "hunting" it is more along the lines of harvesting one of his buffaloes. Apparently if i am interested i can hunt one of his animals for $600. It is in no way a trophy hunt from my stand point, i was thinking of it more along the lines of getting alot of bison meat for CHEAP. At the most i will probably get the hide tanned just for a blanket or a rug or something like that. What do you guys think about this offer? I dont personally see anything wrong with the idea except calling it a buffalo hunt. Your input would be helpful before i make a decision.
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Old 01-25-2005, 12:41 PM
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Default RE: Harvesting Bison?

Six hundred bucks for a buffalo. That's a lot of meat. Consider that buffalo burger usually runs about $10.00 per pound, sirloin steak is about $25 per pound and filet is about $42.00 per pound.

Just think of it just like you would cattle or a pig. You just don't have to go the grocery store a hundred times to get the meat. Buffalo is some dang good eating too.

I'd definetly go. I'd also say that $600 is a heck of a bargain too.
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Old 01-25-2005, 12:42 PM
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Default RE: Harvesting Bison?

as you said--sounds like a good way to get some great meat. Don't worry what others think--If somebody has a sarcastic remark about it--Tell them that you had to use a spear to do it
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Default RE: Harvesting Bison?

There is nothing wrong what your doing,what you might wanna check is what the price of beef cut and wrapped is before you pay 600.00 dollars for a buffalo.You still have to pay for cut and wrap fee(processing) wich runns me about .55 cent/LB on beef(thats carcass weight 1500 lb Buf x.55=825.00)so that way you see what you have in it for money.If you just wan't a buffalo go for it and donate the meat,still cost ya.
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Default RE: Harvesting Bison?

Let's face it. The Bison isn't the most cunning of the game animals out there. I would consider a Bison hunt with a centerfire rifle a good meat gathering adventure. I would not hesitate to go and knock down a Bison or cow for that matter for some inexpensive good tasting meat.
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Default RE: Harvesting Bison?

Just Do It! If the state can make a freakin decision soon I would like to think that we can hunt them in Yellow stone as opposed to paying outside harversters to slaughter them at our expense.
I have seen bison farms around here in montana and cow hunts usually goes for about $600.00 and a bull $1200.00.
I really don't care for the taste of bison, to me even the sirlions tasted dried out to me, I just think there is better tasten meat than bison so I just asoon pursue elk, moose and deer. Bobby
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Default RE: Harvesting Bison?

careful there Krueger you are "breakin the rules". You're payin money for an animal so you are a BIG money, arrogant slob that has to pay for an animal because you "cant" go out on your own and do it yourself.

You should be ashamed of yourself, you need to wander around on public land with the masses before you can call yourself a "hunter",
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Default RE: Harvesting Bison?

I would kill a Bison for the meat if I would get a chance. Good luck.
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Default RE: Harvesting Bison?

IMO if you could put meat in your familys frezzer and save money doing it, than your suppliying for your family. If you have a little fun doing it than all the more power to ya'. If you brag about it than your going to far. As far as the meat gathering part goes it sounds a heck of alot more fun than going to supermarket.
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Default RE: Harvesting Bison?

Sounds like you know what you're getting into, kruger, so I think you'll enjoy the shoot and the meat. I had a friend that thought $600 was a bargain, so he signed up for a hunt. He was sure disappointed when he found out they haul in the buffalo to a ranch so you can shoot 'em. It was a little like buying a beef cow where they let you shoot your own.

Nothing wrong with it, as long as you know the drill ahead of time.
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Quick Reply: Harvesting Bison?

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