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Rifle Selection

Old 01-19-2005, 10:01 AM
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Default Rifle Selection

I think I am down to two choices in terms of a rifle.

1) Remington 700 BDL SS
2) Ruger M77 Mark II

The caliber I am settling in on is .30-06. This rifle is going to be used mainly for upper Midwest whitetail, though I might be heading to Colorado for some Elk this fall.

The problem I am having is I am a left handed shooter. As such finding a left-handed model in the configuration I want is proving to be very difficult.

I can get the Ruger in a left-handed model but the barrel is only 22 inches long. The Remington is only offered in a right-handed model but has a 24 inch barrel and the legendary Model 700 reputation. Since the Remington has a straight stock (versus a Monte Carlo) shooting it left handed should really be an issue as far as gun fit goes. The safety isn’t that big of an issue since I can come across the back of the receiver to engage it.

Would you give up two inches of barrel length to get a left-handed model or would you stick with the reputation of a Remington?

Thank you in advance.

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Old 01-19-2005, 10:04 AM
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Default RE: Rifle Selection

In the real world you will never notice the 2 inches. I think it is more important to get a rifle that fits you and is comfortable.
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Default RE: Rifle Selection

Being a south paw myself I feel your pain and having used both I prefer a LH action in all aspects now. I wouldn't worry about the 2" of barrel difference, as long as the fit is right. To me that is the difference between a great rifle and just a rifle!!!

Others OTC you can consider are:

Browning Abolt SS Stalker LH 22" barrel
Remington 700 CDL (Blue and Walnut) LH 24" Barrel
Savage has a number of LH action CF's as well. I know the Weather Warrior Series(SS) is not available in 3006 chambering though.

Best of Luck
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Old 01-19-2005, 12:41 PM
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Default RE: Rifle Selection

Remington 700 CDL (Blue and Walnut) LH 24" Barrel
This would be the rifle I would pick. This rifle has the extra 2-inches of barrel lenght you are looking for. I have looked at a few CDL's they are a nice looking rifle.
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Default RE: Rifle Selection

I've got the ruger and love it.
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Default RE: Rifle Selection

Personally, in a 30-06 i'd "rather" have the 22" bbl., and i wouldn't buy a right hand action if i was left handed! And i am!!

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Default RE: Rifle Selection

I have both of your choices. I got one for one son and one for the other son when they turned 16. Both .270 stainless with black plastic stocks. I use theirs. Sold mine because we never use three rifles in one day.

Anyway we all trade the Rem and Ruger back and forth and nobody has a preference. Remington action seems a tad bit smoother, but both have had shells stuck a time or two. There is NO difference at the range.

I prefer three-position visible safety on the Ruger.

So my opinion is go for the cheaper of the two and put the saved money in the scope. Our Remington was about $100 more.
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Default RE: Rifle Selection

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Default RE: Rifle Selection

Don't undermind the reputation of a ruger. I owned the 77 ruger and was pleased with it other than its weight. The barrel thicknest is a lot heavier than that of the 700 in which is why I have the model 700 because I do a lot of stalking and the remington 700 is a lot lighter than that of a ruger 77 and every bit as accurate. If you are a south paw than get the gun that fits, I have owned them both, and either/or are fine rifles, it all comes down to one shot, get the gun that feels comfortable.
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Default RE: Rifle Selection

As one more southpaw to another, get the left handed action. You'll even appreciate the 22" barrel when you get older.
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Quick Reply: Rifle Selection

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